Friday, November 18, 2016

Link O'rama... Keeping Tabs On Things...

 Compiled and submitted by AFOI
** Truly terrifying stuff on euthenasia.  This is, IMHO, a sign a civilization is in decline.
** That's right.  At my own alma mater there's a path from one residential area to another nicknamed "Rape Alley".  I've
walked there in the daytime; I'd NEVER go there at night.  Yet the special snowflakes think that EVEN IF it's dark, and
isolated, with multiple ambush points the entire length, they should be free to stroll down it at any time, day or night,
with headphones on... and expect to be in perfect safety.
** Delicious takedown of the snowflakes.
** This is one reason Trump won.  Now, of course, he has to act.
** Word.
** I agree with Thomas Sowell: Ted Cruz for SCOTUS.
** Read this.  Read this again.  From man to woman to child - they know they're here to conquer.  Related:
** Not all cultures are alike.  It's time we face that cold, stark fact and allow immigration accordingly.
** The leaders better start listening to their peoples, or they won't be leaders for long.  

** Note this: NOBODY protested this sign until a TRUMP supporter confronted the sign-holder.
** Quote: "That is how these creatures work, they turn your noble character, virtue and institutions against you."
>> Understand this.  These people are DRIVEN, they are - citing frontpagemag's David Horowitz - MISSIONARIES.
I've seen it firsthand.  People on the Right campaign, vote, and then go back to their lives.  For so many
on the Left, this IS their life.  And three related articles on the Electoral College:
** And another site, with a Prager video embed:
** As the article points out, this was clearly NOT born overnight.
** Ads to get jobs to protest Trump.  Don't be fooled - this is BOUGHT and PAID FOR.  More:
** Again - this was not organized overnight.  They had PLANS, and PLANS WITHIN PLANS.  Related:
** Just look at the screencap tweet.  Says it all, doesn't it?
** This screencap tweet is THE WINNER of the year.
** All good, but tremble at this one quote: ""Individual rights will have to take a back seat to the collective." Harvey Ruvin, Vice
Chairman, ICLEI. The Wildlands Project"
** As usual, Rush is right.
** Nice house you have, Mr. Electoral College member.  Be a shame if something... happened to it.  This is fascism in action - pure thuggery.
** The People know.  It's not IF they blow and go full jack-boot, it's just WHEN.
** Why, one might reasonably think Leftists are lying!
** CLINTON INC rebranding itself.  Long but VERY IMPORTANT.
** Don't hire U Mich law school grads.  This is.... beyond words.
** Makes you wonder just how many of these "hate crimes" that are rising are nothing but outright fakes.
** Sorry, Leftards.  You OWN the riots, and the behavior.
** I think so too.  Related:
** Picture - DEFINITELY worth looking at and worth AT LEAST 1000 words.
** "Peaceful".  All these people need is a triggering event and they'll become a raving mob.  The Left has
made their footsoldiers.
** Twitter and double standards.  More:
** Here's the goal: Conservative-leaning sites will be labeled as "fake".  That list will get touted
and distributed.  Based on that list, google and the other tech companies will slowly-slowly start
to cut any feeds from those sites out of their updates.  Thus, the application of Rules 1 and 2:
1. It doesn't matter what's true, it's what people believe.
2. Those who control the information flow control what people believe.
** Steyn, spot on as usual.
** Quote: "Because [Democrats] don't believe in democracy. They believe in their own absolute entitlement to power. Any election that they win
is legitimate. Any election that they lose is illegitimate."
** I was listening to a local talk radio person on the drive home.  Cut them off.  All
federal funding ends.
** But we can so TOTALLY trust them.  Really.  It's not like their budgets depend on pleasing their political masters.  Oh, wait...
** Read the embedded quote in the last line.  Read it again.  And understand that the Left views the "national interest" as one which will
create more Democrats.

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