Saturday, October 29, 2016

Who Is Huma Abedin?

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Watch it all.......


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  2. The equivalent of Ethel Rosenberg???

    1. May she receive the same sentence, if Justice is true.

  3. So, Hillary allows Huma access to top secret information - priceless to the muslims in Saudi Arabia and Iran - just so she can get her "bean flicked" by a younger woman. This is far worse than even Bill's multiple rapes, pedophilia, and other sexual assaults. His activities have not been responsible for putting our country, our national security, at risk. How anyone could look at this and not accept the fact that Hillary is guilty of treason is beyond my comprehension.

    Her marriage to Weiner was simply to make it appear that she wasn't really Hillary's bed-mate. No doubt that is part of the reason Weiner continues to sext and otherwise behave as a complete pervert. Their marriage is a sham, since she is actually Hillary's partner. And Hillary doesn't give a damn what information Huma is passing on to the muslim brotherhood or Naseem, since Hillary doesn't give a damn what happens to our country. She only cares about enriching herself at everyone else's expense, throwing her (considerable) weight around, and being satisfied by Huma.

  4. Two things. First, lets look at what Huma Mahmood Abedin, which is arabic, means in english:

    Huma - Ummah or the Global Community of muslims.
    Mahmood - alternate spelling of Mohamed the islamic "prophet"
    Abedin - worshiper

    so all together her name translates to Worshiper of Mohamed and its Global Community. Is it any wonder she has ties to the muslim brotherhood?

    I don't know about you, but I sure what that person carrying the nuclear football!

    Second thing, what better way to battle these barbarians than with alinsky style mockery? So in that vein, I offer yo this:

    Hitlary finds out FBI reopened email investigation - Downfall Parody

    Please share if you enjoy!

  5. To those of you who know me......a long, long time ago in a Galaxy far, far away I worked for an aerospace contractor in "IRAN" back when the Shah was still in power... Good fun, good times, interesting getting along with the I.P. (Indigenous Populace) another story...... Have ta' say, huma was just a little kid back then... if she was even born yet???? But from when I was there to the here and now.... I'm surprised that she evolved with any intelligence?? Most of the "Rags" I knew had the GQ of a "Box of Rocks!!" ...guess she has a really slippery tongue that Hil likes!! Just sayin??

  6. To put it simply, this Muslim Brotherhood operative is what used to be called a "Honey Trap"
    back in the days of the Cold War. You have to remember that Bill and Hill were leaders of
    a faction of new left communist radicals in their college days. Their sole objective is
    the violent overthrow of democracy so that it can be replaced by a fascist totalitarian
    police state! By now, the entire Democrat party is infected with this cancer.

    She started out as Hillary Clinton's lesbian lover, but married Wiener the moment she was no
    longer in government. (Notice there is no issue with lesbian sex or marrying a Jew.) That
    is because just like the radical left, Muslims believe that the ends justifies the means.
    Modern liberals reflexively defend Islam for that simple reason. As the old Arab adage
    goes: "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."

    Look for Huma to find another male or female lover within the halls of power shortly. This is
    what used to be called treason a few decades back.


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