Friday, October 28, 2016

Link O'rama... Keeping Tabs On Things.....

 Complied and submitted by AFOI
** How... convenient.  What's this, the third wikileaks person to die in a year?
** Damning.  Utterly damning about Killary and Benghazi.
** Be afraid... be very afraid... when the media is in bed with a Machiavellian candidate.  Related:
** LA Times editor ADMITS to the polls being skewed.  He admits the purpose: discourage Trump voters.
** But there's no such thing as "Death Panels".
** Birds of a feather.
** If this happened, even ONCE, the other way it'd be 24/7 news 


** It's so easy when you can alter data at will.
** Heh.
** The flow of information must be controlled lest The Proles start to think for themselves.
** Quote: "If the reporter was stunned at how well-behaved and respectful the crowd was, it is probably
because he is more accustomed to the behavior of progressive leftists and SJW's and how they behave at
their events."
** Killary, in her own words, on guns.
** Read the whole thing.
** Frightening.
** On her last legs.  What if she dies after winning the election... Soros' puppetboy Barackus could then
declare a crisis and stay in power.  Or Kaine is "the guy".  These people will do ANYTHING.
** Once you pay the Danegeld, you never get rid of the Dane.  Too bad our intellectual superiors never studied,
oh, history and human nature.
** Understand, the polls are rigged - and deliberately.  REMEMBER THE RULES:
1. It doesn't matter what's true, it's what people believe.
2. Those who control the flow of information control what people believe.
>> Related:
** The MSM.  First against the wall after the main shooting stops.
** Clinton coordinated with outside actors.  A felony.
** But... but... but WAR ON WOMEN!!!  Birth control pills!!!  Tampons!!!
** But she doesn't want your guns.
** This from a man who said the Islamic call to prayer is the most beautiful sound, and who - in an interview - let
slip "... my Muslim faith...".  (I'm Jewish; I cannot fathom saying anything like this by accident.)  And note: being
Muslim is, per se, not a crime.  Lying to the American people about the faith you hold... is deceptive and evil.
** Brownshirt tactics.  And by the Left... back in the 50's, and now, they haven't changed.
** Title: Are You on the Wrong Side of History?
>> Prager University Video
** Coulter nails it.  Again.
** Quote: "You can take a gamble on the imperfect businessman who has never held public office. Or you can go with the
guaranteed continuation of Hillary Clinton's entrenched climate of hate and culture of corruption. Left, right or center,
if you are opposed to Clintonian history repeating itself, you'll take your chances with Trump."
** Gun control: To keep guns out of the hands of newly-freed blacks.

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