Monday, August 1, 2016

Take The Quiz To See Who You Side With For President...

  Blog brother BOREPATCH posted his results from the quiz.

Note, you can expand the answer to each question to better tailor your response as well as

answer many questions on each subject by clicking answer more questions at the bottom

of each section.

Here is the link if you want.


This doesn't surprise me:


  1. Replies
    1. I'd like to meet a 91% Clinton. Just to see a real true nut.

  2. It's a shock....I'm a friggn' conservative.....damn it....

  3. Mine was trump, castle, johnson, don't know why. ;)

    Good to see yer still here, Boilerdoc.

  4. You sided with HRC 23% ??????!!!! You call yourself "conservative"?
    Mine was 2%

    1. Good morning Mick,

      I am an independent. My politics are definitely to the right but not far right. There needs to be some balance or this country will be torn apart by the far left and far right.

      Look at the percentages of polling and or election results ( whether skewed or not ) they are always neck and neck in the middle. Why isn't Trump at 60% or more and Hillary at 30%? There are current citizens that think she is the answer ( I don't at all).

      Obviously, I don't side with "Hillary". She should be tried for treason and thrown into a dark cell for the rest of her miserable life. Along with countless others from BOTH sides.

      That being said, I feel there needs to be some form of common ground. Sadly it will never be reached and it's gonna get ugly.

      Thanks for stopping by


  5. You sided with HRC 23% ??????!!!! You call yourself "conservative"?
    Mine was 2%

  6. 95% Trump, 1% Old Communist Witch.


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