Friday, August 5, 2016

In The Days Of My Youth....

image from the webs ( not me ) but I did have a long paper route back in the day.


  1. Hell yeah! except I had a paper rolling machine.Get on that front brake just as you made the throw and man you could get the distance

  2. 6th. Grade. Schwinn Typhoon, Black. 85 customer route on a hilly area. No dogs bothered me once I gave 'em the boot. Used a sled a couple of times due to the snow and nobody going to work but me. Had to go to Florida to stay with grandparents for a month, and trained a kid to do the route. Asked if he wanted to keep it when I got back. Yes! We were going to move anyway.

  3. Started with a Penyysaver route when I was twelve. Graduated to a "real" paper route when I was thirteen. I had to use the sled in winter as well, and had to "collect" every week. Didn't you hate the ones who were NEVER home? The bike; a Frankenbike kluged together from junk parts after my Ross Barracuda was stolen. I think it was a Columbia "Leave-it-to-Beaver," with a 26" wheel on the back, and a 20" on the front. It had ape-hanger handlebars, a spring-loaded banana seat, and a six-foot sissy bar! DAMN! That thing was UGLY!

    These days, a kid can't even GET a paper route. My paper is delivered by some Section Eight dolittle in a crappy pickup, who does a digout on the berm that separates my driveway from the road every damned day. You know; the same berm that keeps the rainwater off my property. Complaining about that only resulted in the numbnut digging out even harder. Of course, most kids wouldn't want a paper route these days. Heck; they're only getting out of their "child safety seats" at around twelve these days, and Mommy is still chauffeuring them the half-mile between home and school...

  4. Didn't have a paper route but helped a friend with his. Still remember helping him with the special edition that came out the evening of Kennedy's assassination. A woman driving was crazy, crying ... yelling at us to get home.

  5. My brother and i had a news route in rural panhandle Florida back in the early 60's till we moved away. Worked out good, paid for new tires for the bike and a lot of candy. Tried pushing the Grit newspaper along with the regular paper but that didn't work out so well.

  6. Yeah. Stingray with a sissy bar. Cool.

  7. Daily Oklahoman, 65 daily, 80 Sunday, Schwinn Stingray with front handbrake and two speed kickback. Made about $40 a month. X

  8. Well I'm not much on commenting these days but this did it.
    I was born in late '62.
    My grandfather won a contest in my name in 1963 for one of the very first Stingrays and he - I ? - won.
    Pissed my older sisters off to no end.
    And yes, I did the paper route on that bike but in territory with hills - not so good.
    Had a slick back tire and the banana seat that got recovered eight million times.
    Best worst bike ever.


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