Friday, October 9, 2015

Who Are You Going To Believe, Me or Your Lying Eyes?

Sierra Club president evades direct questioning regarding "global warming" while appearing nervous and uninformed. It is shameful that such deception and evasion exists to keep federal monies rolling in to bogus organizations, but such is the nature of the beasts and the occupiers of the District of Criminals. 


  1. Have EVER heard a Liberal spokesman give a straight Yes or No answer to any question ask by a committee, reporter, talk show host, etc.? It is beyond their ability to face facts or truths. And this dudes ignorance is typical of government leaders. No straight answers.

  2. I think they should have a dose of truth serum and hooked him up to a lie detector and his nuts to a car battery. The truth serum would make it hard for him to lie and the car battery would give him a jolt everytime the detector registered a lie.

    Then we would get some truths out of this idiot.


    1. No, Coffeypot. I have never heard any give a straight yes or no answer. I believe these cretins should be dealt with using Anon's truth serum/punish-er contraption! Thank you both for stopping by! Have a great weekend. Jeffery


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