Friday, July 24, 2015

Link O'rama.. Keeping Tabs On Events...

Complied and submitted by AFOI
** Interesting video about Islam.
** Please wait... Stasi loading.
** Iran?  Poverty?  Race wars?  Economy?  LOOK, TRUMP!
** Wild Bill on the treason by Obama and Kerry.
** What I find sickening is JUST that the Left keeps defending this, but that as more and more details come out,
they're getting angrier and angrier... at the Right for pointing these details out.  Why, it's almost as though
the Left sees the Right as the greater enemy than people who openly say "Death to America" and are the largest
state sponsor of terrorism on earth.
** Gag.  Retch.  Read this and the embedded quotes, and then shake your head at the lack of ANY self-worth as this
modern male lets his wife sleep around, reveling in her "freedom".
** So tell me, again, how ISIS is NOT "Islamic" when it mimics, exactly, the actions of Muslims centuries ago.
** In the name of tolerance, our moral and intellectual betters would - IMHO - cheerfully gun every conservative down.
** Read this, just survey the EIGHTH-GRADE questions... and think about today's students.
** I have to wonder if this is a real quote (I know what he planned and advocated).
** They have a long game, and they have missionary-level zeal for the end goal.
** Our friends no longer trust us, and our enemies no longer fear us.  We are in deep, deep trouble.
** Well played, Iran.
** A systematic effort - deliberate and with malice aforethought - to swamp Europe.  And Canada.  And the US.
** A very interesting observation about the Left's desperate attempt to distract from the horrors of
the video, quote: "Leftists love "secret recordings" when they make conservatives and Republicans
look bad. When leftists and Democrats look bad, not so much."
** The MSM; Orwell was prophetic.  Related:
** The MSM wants "gotcha" quotes they can play ad nauseum.  Related:
** If a Republican was this openly mendacious, it'd be 24/7 news.
** But our intellectual superiors have assured us this never, never, never happens.
** Funny how, for someone whose defenders viciously attack those who speculate Barackus is a Muslim, Barackus seems to
come down on the Islamist side EVERY DAMN TIME.
** You know, the next time a Leftist bashes Trump for this (and IMHO he deserves to be bashed!), ask him casually "What do
you think of Senator Al Franken?"  Then drop this on them.
** Quote: "In 2012, the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Office of Vital Statistics, found that there were more black
babies killed by abortions (31,328) than there were born (24,758)."  >> That racist Sanger is laughing:
** Look at #12. 

** But don't dare call them "Death Panels".
** Here's the thing.  WHEN they lose their jobs, those same people who pushed for the $15 wage will then castigate
the "greedy" corporations for roboticizing their roles and/or raising prices.
** Remember, the PA are the "moderates".
** Committing the crimes American's just won't do.
** Quote: "It is a crying shame when the statements by our nation's enemies are more truthful than those by our leadership."

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