Saturday, December 7, 2013

Meanwhile in a small mASSachusetts town......

The local Police are conducting a toy drive... looks like they are expecting big trouble.

On the road reporter The Furious Frenchman just snapped this shot.

Maybe the city council will be changing the name of the town to Fallujah?


  1. Hey, those cops may just be playing it safe. You know when there is free stuff around, the "entitled" parasites will gather like flies on shit. Some of them will not respond favorably to "you'll get this stuff at Christmas, now bugger off." Hence the need for the cops to have their up-armored Hummer

  2. This is what happens when liberals obtain unlimited taxing powers.

  3. Anyone who witnessed that shit that went on after those two little bastards blew up the Boston marathon should have been screaming back then. Cops with unfettered power, searching homes, removing citizens, closing the entire City, roaming all over in armored vehicles, full body armor, steel pots, armored vehicles, automatic weapons. No warrants, no Court Order the entire City was put on lock down. It is happening everywhere from little cow poke towns to big cities, except the socialist City of New York of course.

    Police departments are buying all of this equipment through "Surplus" at little or not cost to them. They can buy it from the Military or through DHS, sometimes with Federal Grants at no cost to the towns. They are starting to resemble the Gestapo and we are looking more and more like a third world country. It is WAY past time the citizens wake up and start paying attention before its too late [if it isn't already].


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