Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Obama Care Ax Falls Close to Home....

Massive Layoffs as Obamacare Looms

I ran into my neighbor this morning. We exchanged pleasantries for a moment and when I asked how things were I was told they were laid-off yesterday.

They have worked at a medical device manufacturer for 30 plus years and lo and behold just after the election they are out on the street.

I know they are Obama voters and I'm pretty sure they were on Tuesday.

When I spoke up and said "That sucks, I have heard that there will be lots of layoffs in the medical device manufacturing field due to the huge tax burden coming with Obama care"

I was told "That's not it, it's greedy corporations trying to increase profits"

I wished them well and was on my way.

It sucks when you lose your job especially after 30 plus years BUT I can't help but think to myself
that THIS is what YOU voted for.

This says it all:



  1. Heh ... i listen to Jim Quinn and Rose Tenant everyday from 6-9 on xm 166, since i'm just outta range of their Pittsburgh home station. This soundbite aired twice this week.

    1. Hi Johnnyreb.. yes it's making the rounds on the web. I forget where I saw it first.

  2. And it's going to get worse and hit even more people.

  3. Quinn's First Law:
    "Liberalism always generates the exact opposite of its stated intent."

    I've been listening to him since he was a Rock & Roll DJ.

  4. You can't reason with them. They have no concept of personal cause/effect. It's always someone else that is causing the negative effect. My only consolation is the coming exhibition of Darwinism.

  5. I have ZERO sympathy for Obama voters who get laid off thanks to his policies. Hope those free condoms and Obamaphones were worth it.

  6. Moochie did you really think that they would diss their favorite president???? W

  7. I hate how those rich bastards selfishly try to keep their companies limping along and rake in all those dollars by not having people make the things they sell. Seriously, how does someone miss that point? When you have less manufacturing ability, you make less money, ergo, layoffs=less profit.

  8. Yep. My husband has a few casual friends who voted for Obama and have either been laid off or lost their healthcare.

  9. Life's tough.

    It's tougher when you're stupid.

    Living proof.

  10. Actions (and elections) have consequences.
    Via con dios. Oh, wait, libtards don't believe in Him, do they.?
    Well then, to quote the immortal "Blazing Saddles", "Son, you're on your own."


  11. What do ya say 12% unemployment by February 15 ?

  12. No compromise will end up with no economy, both sides are petty lil children who refuse to play nice.


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