Tuesday, November 6, 2012


With a black marker I cast my votes. Now time will tell. 

The voting was moved to the high school since they expected a large turnout. I got there at 7:00 and sat in traffic just to get in to the lot for about 10 minutes. After that it was about 15 minutes in line and another 10 or so to get out of the lot. Overall it was quiet. There were a few people holding signs for the local challengers to the Dems in power. As I was leaving  the Obama/ Warren moonbats were convening at the entrance ( who is the patron St. of brake failure? I might say a prayer).

My opinion on this election is that Obama and his policies and administration need to be stopped. Even thought Mitt isn't the best candidate that this country needs I feel it will turn the ship enough to help ( I hope).
We are still in a mess overall and things aren't going to get better over night.

I feel the best way to make the change that some want, i.e. Gary Johnson, needs to happen at the local and state level first. We are not going to be able to change the DC government without taking over the smaller ones first.

My opinions, that's all.

One last side note as to how fucked we really are.

I logged on this morning and my home page search engine is Bing. Check out the most popular

item....  "Shaq buys a house"...  I hang my head... we are doomed.


  1. I live in a town in Texas of about 1300 so voting was easy this morning. My wife and I got there at 8 (polls opened at 7) with 2 people in front of us. I cast the 90th ballot of the day. There was probably a small line at 7.

  2. I can't believe that I'm still undecided: not vote or Gary Johnson?

    1. Tim, with all due respect Gary Johnson has no chance, it would be a vote on principal which I agree with. We need to stop Obama. IF you feel Mitt is the same then don't vote but we need to stop Obama and Mitt is the only choice.

      Here read this:


  3. On the voting thing, I'm with ya.

    On the Shaq thing, there is a back story. Has to do with the place and cost of the house.

    From survivalblog:

    Shaq's New Shack: The mainstream media seems confused as to why multi-millionaire Shaquille O’Neal would buy a relatively modest $235,000 house in Mount Dora, Florida. (His other house is a 70,000 square foot mansion.) Well, I suppose that those reporters have never read Alas, Babylon. ("Fort Repose" was a fictionalized Mount Dora.) Shaq probably reads SurvivalBlog, too.

    Perhaps Shaq has seen the future, and it is bleak but, who knows.

  4. May the best man win


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