Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Evolution of The Rifle...



  1. Sorry but the moment they say the effective range of an M14 is 460 m when and M16 is 800, they lose all credibility. And that the AUG is 1/2 of the other 5.56mm rifles?

  2. Not to be a picker of nits, but the only reason the 1903 Springfield makes the list is because it was essentially an unlicensed copy of the 1898 mauser. When Teddy Roosevelt took the rough riders up Sun Juan Hill with Krags and other out-dated arms from the late 1800's, this troopers were SHOT TO PIECES by the Spanish with 7mm 1893 mausers. Not many folk know the Rough Riders took over 20% casualties in that engagement. When the call came out to replace the 1898 Krag, the US Army adopted the mauser in the form of the '03 springer.


  3. Kris - Ditto.
    Cool chart though

  4. I was going to point out the same thing as Brad. I question the selections overall. If I were making a list of representative rifles my list would considerably look different.

    Does anyone know exactly when the Henry Rifle was first produced? All I can find is that the patent was issued in 1860.


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