Friday, March 16, 2012

Space 2099.......

I Used to watch Space 1999 all the time............

Space: 1999 occupies a special place in many of our memories — so when we heard that a reboot called Space: 2099 was in development, many people had mixed feelings. How would this show handle the original show's mixture of horror and kitschiness, not to mention the somewhat nonsensical premise? We spoke to Jace Hall, the producer of Space: 2099, who explained to us a little about how he wants to make this version of the show more "plausible." He also explained a little bit about what went wrong with his last project, the V reboot. 

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 Remember this back in 1975?


  1. I liked UFO better, myself. I remember drawing the space ships from it in Catholic school.

  2. I will go with Bob on this one, but I enjoyed this one too.


    There is a good place to start! I know what I will be doing this weekend...

    I wish I had kept my 5 ft long eagle toy. They go for 5-600 bucks on ebay now..

  4. I'm with Toaster, that Eagle was too cool.

  5. This looks damn interesting.
    I have the complete series on DVD, both seasons, and I go watch an episode (or 2) once in a while. It is immensely gratifying to revisit something that I considered to be awesome, as a kid, even though some of the special effects are hysterically cheesy (at least by today's standards).

    I've shown a few episodes to friends, and their reactions are always interesting - things like:

    "You grew up watching this stuff? No wonder you ended up weird."
    "I can do better special effects with my iPad and a crushing hangover!"
    "Those men are wearing bell-bottom pants! Holy Crap!"
    "Those girls are wearing platform heel boots! Were those things really in fashion back then?"
    "Where the hell is the mouse for the computer screens?"
    "Wow! The iPhones all have black-and-white screens! And they're not iPhones!"
    "Haven't these people heard of coveralls?"
    "That's an oscilloscope! I saw one in a museum once!"

    And so on.

    The one thing that always impressed me was the Eagle spacecraft; for several reasons:
    It was modular, so it could be reconfigured for different purposes; it could be repaired (or possibly even built) with components that could be manufactured on the Moonbase; and while it couldn't do any one thing perfectly, it did a number of things quite as well as could be hoped for (though I always wondered how it handled atmospheric entry - things get really hot). It was NEATO.

    With regard to Space: 2099, I have just one, simple, humble prayer:
    Please, God, Do NOT let this suck.

    Hooah. I'm off to make a sacrifice to the beer Gods.



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