Monday, November 28, 2011

Check out The Winners In This Video..... ( Take your BP Meds)

This just floors "ME"


  1. I had the same thing the other day.

    The govt is supposed to do quality checks to ensure the production meets contracts requirements.

    Especially if they are building critical items.

    So there is a systemic failure in the corporate leadership in production & quality.

    I bet there is going to be some house cleaning now.

  2. 17 suspended at plant.

  3. Thanks Rich :)

    At Least NOW they did something.

    That video was disturbing to say the least....

  4. Nothing new...

    I'll guaran-damn-tee you that NOT ONE OF THEM was disciplined IN ANY WAY!

    On the contrary, they ALL got a nice 30-day paid vacation -- all they had to do was say "I have a drug/alcohol problem" and they're protected from reprisal and guaranteed a free trip to rehab.

    Catch them stealing and they'll say the same thing~!

    I worked in a "Big 3" UAW plant for several years. You wouldn't BELIEVE the things I saw!

    There was a dumpster right by the least half full of beer & liquor bottles deposited by workers COMING TO WORK IN THE MORNING! Lunch time was even worse - much like what you show here but happening RIGHT IN THE PARKING LOT!

    The unions need to be disbanded - they just protect people like this!


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