Saturday, April 6, 2019

Keep Your Escape Route Clear....


  1. And now we understand where Monty Phython's "I am a Lumberjack" comes from

  2. If a testicle falls in the forest, does it make a sound?

    I'm not making fun of the guy, he looks like he really got hurt by it. It's probably still better that the saw itself wasn't involved in that.

  3. Ow my balls!

  4. Straight on the nut sack.
    I cringe!
    I had a chainsaw incident: stepped back as tree was going down, fell backwards, onto a previously felled cedar tree. It had a small limb stub, shaped like a small spike.
    I fell back onto it, the sharp spike going into the back of my thigh a couple inches.
    No cell reception, hobbled down steep hill and drove to hospital.
    Hurt like a mo-fo after 5 mins of driving.
    Lesson learned: saw slow, steady, easy, sure footed, escape route clear.
    Saw smart. Not fast.
    Take a minute to make a minute.

  5. Damn that hurt me here. I feel for him.


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