Thursday, May 17, 2018

Rosemarie Hillcrest 1964 Playmate....


  1. The big hair is a big minus, otherwise she is a knockout.

  2. Women have curves... Another to lust after.

  3. Hi IRISH,
    I turned 19 years old,
    I was in my second semester at Southeastern Louisiana College.
    Dave Brubeck's "Take 5" was the "HOT" album on campus.
    You could buy a Volkswagen "Bug" for $1995.,
    GAS was $0.29/gal.,
    You could buy a six pac of DIXIE Beer for $0.99 at the local quick-stop,
    I made my first "Parachute jump!!" at Hammond Airport La., with Southland Skydivers, Inc. and never looked back!!!!!!,
    Girls were still wearing the Jackie "Boufant" hairdo,
    Girls still had "Curves!!,"
    Girls still had to be back in the Dorm by 10 o'clock on week nights except Friday when it was Midnight (I think??).
    Every able bodied, red blooded, hard chargin', American Male "Knew" what a "FEMALE" was and we respected their presence!!!!!!
    Funny how that goes!!!
    Today I "reviere" those photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,
    Blue skies,
    Black Death,

    1. It's a shame, they got more respect as a woman when some demand's a shame and American society is worse off for it...most men used to put woman above men, so what did equality do? damn shame

  4. And theose were real back then.

  5. And no tattoos. Another plus.

  6. Nice chassis. Wish they'd never given up building that model...


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