Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Social Security Administrative Judge Had Sex In Federal Courthouse Trading Sex In Exchange For Benefits

It sounds literally as if the petitioner to the court goes down, the pay benefits go way up! Naturally, "now former federal judge" Paul Stribling Conger, Jr. has already plea bargained down his charges of THEFT OF .GOV PROPERTY, OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE, ACCEPTING A GRATUITY, etc. I scoured the internet searching for a picture of this scoundrel, but so far haven't found one. Not only was Mr. Conger's crimes a breach of trust and an awful abuse of power, the douche-bag attempted to cover up his wrong by lying about it after he was discovered. Everyone from the taxpayers to the petitioner got royally screwed! I would wager he will not serve a day in jail or pay one penny of restitution for any sexual gratification he received, crimes committed, etc. and will draw a full retirement at the taxpayers expense.  I figure if Hillary is elected, Mr. Conger would be her first choice for a Supreme Court justice and fit right in with the criminals we currently have in office. My biggest question out of this and recent such events is "how in the hell does one get a hold of the .gov "get out jail free card"? Let us hope Henry Bowman gets directly involved in this travesty of justice!

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  1. My father died waiting years for Disability benefits fuck these judges.


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