Tuesday, August 30, 2016

BATFE: It sounds like they are playing "let's change the rules and jack with folks again".

I used the word "rules" rather than laws since the ATF, like many other .gov entities has been allowed to get by with enforcing "administrative law" whereby state and federal agencies have allowed via the legislative and executive branches of  governments to enforce "rules" that they pass off as laws, levy fines, and imprison folks. I submit to any citizen that this is completely wrong as there is not an avenue of recourse for redress. At least if politicians pass laws that folks are against, these laws can be changed or the politicians can possibly be voted out of office. In this article we see how this particular agency simply "changes" the rules in midstream sewing the seeds of confusion at their beckon call. Once again the citizen has almost zero say so in the matter. 

Read the entire confusing mess HERE.

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