Monday, April 4, 2016

Link O'rama... Keeping Tabs On Things....

Compiled and submitted by AFOI
** The GOPe's could not do more to ensure a Hellary victory if they tried.
** And the people who push these policies will wonder why crime goes up.
** Time for some rapefugees to go over the railing.  At night.  


** It's easy to show the climate is changing when you falsify the data.
** One key quote: "All datasets are available to the public at any time."  >> Compare this to Warmists conspiring to hide data and methods,
and actually conspire to delete data rather than have it be examined by skeptics.  And another good article:
** Tyranny.  Outright tyranny.  And in Canada too:
** Would not surprise me at all.  Were Trump to be... removed it would make a LOT of people very happy.
** Yup.  But think of one of the Left's favorite songs... "Imagine there's no countries..."
** One reason why Trump is so popular.  And a great cartoon.
** Yes, we are.  Knowingly and deliberately so.
** Disgusting.  Purely disgusting.  Not just the accusation, but the fact that facebook won't take it down.
** Read some of the twitter comments that are captured.  People can differ and disagree; we're entering a VERY dangerous time when dissent is
met with violence.  Related:
** I wonder if the Left will use "green-sourced" bullets to accomplish their purges?  But think about it.  If someone on the Right wrote a
play about taking hostages and killing Democrats, it would be roundly - and RIGHTLY - decried and condemned.
** Let's say they do this.  Doubtless our intellectual betters will STILL be wondering WHY.
** Great image about "assault" rifles.
** And we ditched the F-22 for this turkey?
** Europe has been warned multiple times, by multiple people, for over a decade.
** If I were a relative of a policeman in Europe, I'd be pulling them aside and telling them "It's time to choose your own people.  Or you're
no longer family."

** The Al Gore game.
** Prescient?
** Quote: "Government is a necessary evil. The only way you can control tyranny it is to limit the size of government.  Our founding fathers
understood this.  Their descendants forgot it.  We'll pay for it, with our freedom, fortune, and lives."  >> I fear the size of the bill.
** Whenever a large company preaches "protecting the consumer"... it's usually anything but!
** In Russian, but... the picture stands alone.  It's called "Taquiyya" - the deception of the enemy.  After all, Mohammed himself said "War
is deceit".
** Please understand that I am NOT an expert, but as I understand it - it is PERFECTLY permissible for a Muslim to delay his prayers until a
suitable time presents itself.  One can even "double up" if one misses a scheduled time - so told to me by a Muslim cab driver I met many
years ago.  So there's NO REASON why this man could not have waited until a time more convenient, and less confrontational.  This was,
IMHO, nothing more than an attempt to provoke a reaction, file a suit, gain more press about how "Islamophobic" America is, and further
the cultural war.
** Making a case for mass sterilization.
** Yet another way to create more losers who want to suck at the government teat.
** And yet... when I challenge Greenies to give up their car, give up their electricity, rely purely on solar, wind, etc., they decline for some reason.  Weird.
** These people are utterly delusional.
** Monster.  Look, if she presented herself as a virgin and she wasn't... upset?  Yes.  Divorce over a fundamental dishonesty?  Probably.  Worth killing over?  Seriously?
** We can hope.  Panicked people make mistakes.
** Hey, I have an idea... let's bring tens of thousands of these same people from the same cultural background here to America.
** Just what ELSE are we NOT hearing about?
** Quote: "So the same religion that would have them killed, they're defending. Ladies and gentlemen, the American university!"

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