Sunday, December 13, 2015

Link O'rama... Keeping A Tab On Things

   compiled and submitted by AFOI
** Scary times ahead.
** Mug her again.  And again.  And again.  And every other Leftist.
** Disgraceful.  But then the Left has no shame whatsoever.
** Hey, I know... let's let millions of these people immigrate to the US!
** The King can do no wrong.  This is how civilizations fall.  When The People understand the rulers don't obey laws, they decide they don't need to either.
** ISIS vs. ISIL.  Barackus' use of the latter is indicative.  And there's more - worth the read.
** Another GITMO resident joins Al Qaeda.  Related:
** Who could POSSIBLY have predicted this?
** The mask slips.  They want them all.  Don't ever doubt that.

** If true, heads should roll.  Political Correctness kills.
** Would anyone DARE do this depicting, say, a Muslim prayer session?  If not, why not?
** For no apparent reason.
** They're here already.  Be afraid, and carry.
** Delicious sarcasm.
** In high school I made a movie depicting me (as the main character) being abused, and planting a bomb in revenge.  I'm sure that if I did
that today I'd be locked up!
** Quote: "To the Democrats, anything that stops them from doing whatever they want to you is a "loophole.""
** An excellent, excellent point.  Because to admit that humans can be very, very evil would eviscerate their plans for utopia which rely on
the "inherent" goodness of humans.
** I'm becoming convinced that if a Democrat is breathing, they're lying.  Related:
** As far as I know the only person on the "No Fly" list who killed someone was Ted Kennedy.
** Shock me again.
** More and more, Democrats are trying to swamp the electorate to create a permanent-Left majority.  Let's call this what it is: HIGH TREASON.
** At what point can we call what the Left does in advocating for more refugees HIGH TREASON?
** There's something pathological about people who claim to want equal rights for women supporting those who enslave women under Sharia.
** A horrific precedent.
**When the theory predicts two opposite, mutually-exclusive things, it's not a science.'  Related:
** So let me see if I understand.  All CO2 emissions to ZERO and it won't do much if anything?

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