Thursday, March 26, 2015

Link O'Rama.....

Complied and submitted by AFOI
** Iran says US goals are opposite to their objectives.  But we're still working with them and facilitating their access to Iraq... WHY?
** Say, where is Barackus' consigliere Jarrett from again?
** When you've lost THE FRENCH...
** Barackus and Iran.  That WILL leave a mark.

** Quote: "Obama has to sign the deal so we can see how many Iranian nuclear warheads are inside it."

** Because that fatwa doesn't exist, and fatwas can and have been violated for expediency.
** Pray they're not ready before 2017.
** There's so much that is anti-American interests that I shake my head.
** Not sure I buy the conversion claim, but the Brit uppers are certainly kissing Islamist ass for all they're worth.
** Kudos, kudos, kudos.  What's interesting is the fact that this guy is now being called an "Uncle Tom" and other bad names.  It's not about the truth, it's about The Narrative.
** What's she drinking?  Send the GOP a case or two.
** But... but... but we've been assured by our intellectual and moral superiors that there is no upswing in anti-Semitism.
** Say, you remember the Left's outrage that Netanyahu was playing in American politics?  File under "Standards, Double".
** This is rich.
** Read about Axelrod's douchebaggery attacks on Romney, then tell me Netanyahu did something wrong.
** Holy crap!
** Nope.  So long as Dems are pro-abortion, little will shake the Dems.
** Liberal logic.
** What I like about Cruz - and Walker - is that they fight.  Are either "perfect"?  No.  But enough RINOs.
** Hey Israel, don't wait to be attacked - show these tunnels as proof Hamas cannot be trusted.
** Helping your nation's worst enemy get the worst weapons - treason of the highest order.
** Here's a question.  If a mob broke into a black church screaming "Kill the blacks!" would that be
considered racism?
** Well, yes.  Can't have people questioning The Faith, can we?
** You can't make this stuff up.  Seriously?
** China is serious.  (So is Russia, so is Iran, so is ISIS.)  Barackus is a traitor.
** History rhymes.  Tyrants repeat the same cycle.  Good insights into Putin's behavior.
** Whether or not it was right to attend is debatable given the current situation; what should have been
predictable is that this would be used to get the Russian people more pissed off at the West.
** You know, I'm starting to think the only loss in a nuclear strike no DC would be the historical archives.
** Unless he knows he's being taped and is playing.  Because otherwise - *shudder*.
** For you Jarheads!
** G-d, I hate the MSM.
** Can you just IMAGINE the sh*tstorm if a conservative said this?
** Wow, just wow.  Not only the facts of the matter, but that google seems to be beyond the MSM's capacity for
basic research.
** Ruh roh.  The house of cards is trembling.
** I knew exactly WHO and WHAT Barackus was in 2007-2008 when I heard about Wright's church and Barackus'
"Coming Out" party in Bill Ayers' house.  Those two events told me EVERYTHING I needed to know about him.
** Quote: "In conclusion its worth noting that altering the Constitution in order to by-pass legislators thus
instituting government by Executive Order is the African way, therefore if President Obama does have emotional
and cultural links with East Africa then his current behavior is explainable and shouldn't come as a surprise
to anyone."  >> Do I believe Barackus was born in Kenya?  No.  But notice the African pattern at the end...
** Leftists in America flogging the bishop enthusiastically, fantasizing about this level of control.
** A Muslim, of course.
** So ship 'em back!
** Doesn't this fill me with comfort and joy.  And skimming the comments, yes, there are Barackus
slams - but also people utterly dismissive of the threat.  "It can't happen here."  If - WHEN - it
happens, don't come by my place.
** Quote from the image: "In other words, according to this top Islamic leader, Islam exists only because people fear being murdered if they leave."
** History lesson.  Yes, this sounds familiar.
** You WILL obey the law.
** Even allies spy on each other.  It happens.  This is a whole different level.
** And yet there are people who WILL NOT BELIEVE this.

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