Wednesday, September 10, 2014

This Is The Kind Of Shit That Should PISS OFF EVERY Working Person....

/searches desk for BP meds............
/ starts Rant:

I stopped at a gas station in New Hampshire* the other day and this fcuking  sign greats me from across the parking lot.....

(* The "Live Free or Die" state until the libtards from Assachusetts ruined it by moving here)

Really??? Rockstar Energy Drinks are EBT Approved. YHGTBSM. 
What the fuck??  I was going in to pay for a bottle of water and someone is getting my
tax dollars for energy drinks.  IT must be strenuous carrying around that card they need extra energy.

Now I see that you can get POT with EBT cards in some states... When did this world 
turn upside down and backwards?

How will this ever be reversed?  

This is the message I would love to send all the politicians that vote for this crap!!

/ rant off... I'm going back to work so some scumbag can get their energy drink when they
wake up around noon......................


  1. Just said on the news they can get weed with food stamps now.

  2. I see this shit all the time. It's hard to get out of stores without wanting to reach out and rape choke these parasites at times. My last encounter was when a dirt leg white girl with a filthy baby on her hip plopped three 44 oz fountain drinks, a few candy bars, and a few sacks of chips on the counter and whips out her EBT card. Then the bitch had the nerve to whip out a crisp $20 and buys 3 packs of Newports for her and her baby daddy who is standing behind her holding a tallboy of Steel Reserve for her to pay for as well!!! I almost had a fucking aneurism.

  3. What a lovely header picture to start the day. Of course, if that was Chicago it wouldn't be too bad.

  4. The reason for my Chicago comment...

  5. Here is some more stuff to bust your brain:



    Red Bull



    Fast Food

    Gas (Murphy station pump w/ Spanish instructions)

    1. thanks MIggy, Those just add to what I was bitching about!

  6. Calm down. Every quickee mart around PROUDLY boasts the EBT sign.
    I have to look at this every once in awhile as well. FML


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