Monday, June 3, 2013

There is that word again.... "Unexpectedly"..WHY THE F*&K IS IT ALWAYS Unexpected when it's so obvious what's going on...

-- Manufacturing in the U.S. unexpectedly contracted in May at the fastest pace in four years, indicating industry will provide scant support for the world’s largest economy. 


Unexpectedly..really? Have any of these assholes talked to anyone in manufacturing other than the aerospace or medical companies?  Every week I deal with suppliers and manufacturers and almost all of them are in the same situation. They are all going along but things appear under the
surface to be very shaky. Not many long term projects. Last minute ordering. No large orders. It all points to the fact that they want to hang on to finances and only order what they need just before they need it. Granted orders are coming and going BUT nothing like it was before. 

Unexpectedly my ass......

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