Saturday, December 15, 2012

I Took Some Time Off From The Internets and News...

Even though I had limited my web time over the past 24 hours I still have heard bits and pieces

about the shootings in CT. My condolences go out to the families that have suffered through

this horrific tragedy.


  1. Hey buddy, I agree, just remember ppl like you and me try to take ppl's minds off the BS of the real world....
    Have a great weekend bud........;)

  2. I too have been avoiding the news. Such a sad point in history and so hard to watch. My heart is broken for the families involved. May God grant them comfort.

    The most maddening aspect is the call to ban guns that immediately started. This event is sadly fodder for the 2nd amendment haters. The real issue I believe is that we cannot recognize mental illness or whatever leads to this kind of thing. It does not matter what the weapon is, when a deranged person wants to wreak havoc any weapon is game. If guns are not available the list of substitutions is endless. It's a tough issue which is poised to limit our rights if the emotions win.

    1. It's not a question of whether disarming the lunatic would have stopped him from killing anybody. If there had been as few as one or two armed faculty members, we would be mourning fewer than half a dozen children, instead of nearly two dozen.

      But then, given their support of abortion, killing children is what Liberals are all about.


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