Friday, December 2, 2011

What Do I Do When I'm Not Blogging?

I have been in the machining and manufacturing industry for 35 years.

Here is a view that I see some of the day:

...and here is "Yours Truly" getting a set-up finished to start making parts.

One of my employees is out sick the the other had some appointments.


  1. Ah, heavy machinery... Always loved it.
    Happines is a guns, girls and a milling machine... :)

  2. errr... machinING, sorry. English - not my native language.

  3. If I had more time and $ I'd have a mini cnc...

  4. My dad was a retired millwright and machinist. I was never a real machinist, but I did have to do some work with the machinery in the course of my work. I miss those days sometimes.

  5. I work on Fanuc controls....imagine that.

  6. @Hyperprapor.. I don't mind misspelling :)

    @ North, they do come in handy. Even a used Prototrac Miller.

    @BobG its a dying trade thats for sure.

    @ Warlock.. Do you do Fanuc Service as a living? OR do you run them?

    Thanks all for stopping by :)

  7. I thought for sure I would see a "pin up" poster on the wall :)

  8. @ stopsign.. I do have the "Don't Tread On Me Flag" if that counts !

  9. I admire the craft of the work. I did woodworking as a hobby for awhile and am now slowly dipping a toe into metalwork as a hobby. The time I put into it is limited so progress is slow. 'Cause, ya know, there's the internet, other hobbies, books, music.... But I do love to see a well crafted piece of metal that does something.

    Not that everything has to do something useful. Here's a "machine" that does lots of nothing useful


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