Saturday, December 3, 2011

Perfectly Good Guitar..... an Evening Earworm


  1. Oh, you like John Hiatt? Try this one on for size.

  2. That there's just plain funny, Bob! But I'm with John. How dare they smash a guitar?

    Vai's Star Spangled Banner made me think of him. The video says Vai's tech caught the guitar. Sure hope so.

    Oh look, it's morning. Here's a little wake up music.
    Devin Townsend & Steve Vai - Still My Bleeding Heart

  3. A little Satch couldn't hurt either.

    Joe Satriani - Summer song

    Oh, that must be the throwing picks thing at the end. Whatever, I'm awake now.

  4. John Hiatt is a damn good song writer, been a fan for years. One of my favorite songs is NATIVE SON - look it up if you haven't heard it before.


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