Friday, December 2, 2011

Ashes In The Sea.....

Check out this amazing guitar work:


  1. Very nice. Reminds me just a little of Stanley Jordan.

  2. Hi Shepherd, I will have to check him out. There is alot good music other than the crap on the radio :)

  3. Outstanding!!!! For a number of years I was deeply immersed in the fingerstyle scene and met some of the most wonderful, warm human beings I've encountered. This guy is great! Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Mighty fine, and such clean playing. Thanks, Pissed. You come up with some real good stuff, lots of which I've never heard before.

    Oh, and here's some Leo Kottke for everyone. Just picked something (nearly) at random.


  5. He's doing harmonics almost effortlessly, and he has a bitchin' rag hanging off his guitar. *grins*

    Check out this guy, too.

  6. Wow. Bob, that *is* amazing. I saw him when PISSED posted it and I'm sending it along to a 'git playing friend of mine, Scott. Scott also plays trumpet, and we put together a duo to play a melody-in-chords of Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans that we did back in High School. Wish I could find the tape, I'd post it somewhere. The song is an old classic and there are a wide variety of very skilled musicians that do it on YouTube.

    Man, it's like a whole buncha great stuff converged on this blog just to make us all happy. Well done, all!


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