Monday, November 28, 2011

J3 Might be onto something..... Rule 5 (SFW)

My earlier post of the two strange looking girls got some comments about plastic surgery.

"J3" remarked that the make up does it. ( I'll let him explain how he knows that .... LOL)

I found a couple links in the comments section of the picture and I found these pics on
facebook pages. The links below go to there picture pages. They are beautiful girls
thats for sure!

Here is one of the "GIRLS"

and  "HERE" is the other:


  1. Beauty is most certainly in the eye of the beholder, because these two look like space aliens to me.:)

  2. Given the Russian sourcing some of this look might be attributed to "tartar" genetics, combine that with makeup and clever photography and plastic surgery/photoshop might not have been necessary.

  3. Have to agree with Brock on this one....and NO it's not cause I'm a girl~ :-)

  4. I agree that it's mostly makeup and oversized colored contact lenses. 30 years in Hollywood...I've looked at & photographed a LOT of faces.

  5. If you look at their facebook pages there are pictures of them without the freaky makeup and they really are cute girls. Some of the comments led me to believe they may be tied to some psychic/paranormal weirdness though.

  6. They look like mannequins when they're made up like that. I'll pass, thanks. I like women who look like women, not dolls.

  7. LOL...u dick...that will teach me for not keeping up on your posts...hahahahaha

  8. HAHAHA J3.. shit happens fast around here! :)


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