Saturday, July 30, 2011

Set the wayback Machine to 1972......

22,000 Original miles.....garage kept...... one owner.... I am NOW the second owner :)

More details to come.


  1. I am Kreskin... I see a 302 in your future... :-) VERY nice, but be aware those things will roll over if you LOOK at em wrong...

  2. Nice! And +1 on Old NFO's predictions!

  3. I'll raise a glass of...


    ...360 Double Chocolate Vodka

    mixed with

    You can thank me now. And thank me later. Over and over.

  4. @KurtP... sorry if I made you ruin a good shirt :)

    Thanks Old.. It has some of the usual rust but not tooo bad
    I'll do a full post on it soon.

    @Keads Thanks! that sounds yummy, Im gonna try that!!

    Thanks guys... Ill post some stuff soon I had 3 of these when I was younger, so this brings back alot of memories :)

  5. Verunka is fine, but THAT's a model.

  6. North, I have never met you, but you had me at "chocolate vodka"...

    Oh, and nice ride, PISSED ;)

  7. Very nice. Other than the Jeep, that's pretty much the original SUV.


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