Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Disease of Modern Liberalism.. this guy nails it.

From The Z Man

He writes:

Like most everyone, I woke up Sunday to the news that a lunatic had shot up a gay bar in Florida late Saturday night. Also like most people, I figured it was just another example of the old adage, “nothing good happens after midnight.” Then it became clear it was something more than just the usual trouble and I braced myself for a full blast of crazy from the Cult of Modern Liberalism. I just knew that they would swear this was the fulfillment of prophesy and demand reparations like after the black church shooting.

It did not turn out that way, obviously, as the shooter was a Liberal Democrat and a member of a sacred group. It’s hard to blame the honky when the shooter is a Muslim. Muslims are not real high on the totem pole for the Left, but they still rank higher than whites, even gay whites. The Left is afraid to elevate them too high on the piety pole as even Lefty understands what that means. Once we have a critical mass of Muslims they will start pitching lesbians off the roof at colleges around the country. That’s their thing.

After getting caught up on the details of the story I figured, like a lot of people, I’m sure, that the next play for the Left would be guns. Instead of blaming the Religion of Peace™, they would blame the magic of metallurgy and polymers for making the poor Mohammedan go bonkers. It was either that or Donald Trump creating an unfriendly atmosphere. It did not take long for the Cult to settle on guns since Hillary Clinton plans to run on gun grabbing this fall.


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  1. Hi Zman,
    You want an answer??.... just scroll down a few here on Irish'es blog to,"The liberal hypocrisy......."
    What about the "GUN" the dude in SC used..."A Glock" ...I dont know if it was the "E-X-A-C-T" model but when it comes to AR's........they are all like Whores.....same stuff except for the shoes.....
    God I'm sorry that Fla muzzy dude wasn't waving an American Flag!! How Fun that would be...
    Besides "Old Glory" the libtards would back up 75 "E-9" Caterpillar Tractors up to the Lincoln Monument and "PULL IT DOWN IN A HEART BEAT!!!!!" I was in Jackson Square in New Orleans on my Birthday June 3rd and "Andy" is still there in spite of the libtards!!
    "I wish I was in the Land of Cotton!!................."
    With a hearty....."Rebel Yell!!!!!!!,
    skybill-standing by


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