Wednesday, August 10, 2016

In The Days Of My Youth....

Man, did they make you dizzy.......


  1. Those were so much fun,can smell the fuel now. Balsa wood and doped wings............

  2. That brought back visions of my yute. My whole neighborhood was into cars with these engines. We'd go around and around until one day we had an epiphany. We lived on a street that was about 800' long. We took heavy string from one end to the other and let're rip. Damn that those suckers moved. That poor young kid at the end with a pillow .....

  3. Hi Irish!!!,
    "Control line" and "Free Flight!!" Good Fun!! 'Back in the 50's!!!! Cox "Thimble-Drome", Herkimer "OK CUB," "K&B" Torpedo engines!!!!! "That smell, that 'Burnt Shoe Polish' smell.......It smells like Flyin'!!!!"
    We were the "Balsa Busters," "The Circle Burners," "The High Fliers" (and the term had nothing to do with DRUGS!!!!" 'Still have a few "Relics" from those oldest engine a 1957 vintage OK Cub .049 (front venturi) model airplane engine the one with the Big "see thru" red fuel tank!!! Then a few years over the Horizon........compliments of Transistors.......came "RADIO CONTROL!!!!" But that's another story!!!
    Got "Airplanes"......OUTLAW!!!!,
    skybill, "AMA-87838" -out

  4. Ah, the scream of a "Thimble Drome" Cox .049 engine at full chat!

    I had a Piper Cub (molded in yelloe, of course), and then later on a Stuka.

    And I had one of the cars, too.

    A red Corvette fastback that we ran both in a circle on a tether, and in a straight line on a LONG piece of heavy fishing line.

    They were FAST, but I broke a lot of the white plastic gears on the axle....

  5. Yup, awesome.
    I remember dreaming how cool it would be if a had the money for actual remote control operations!
    All these little mechanical things we played with, turned us into the type of people that can build and fix most anything. Sadly, we are a dieing breed...


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