Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Eight Year Old Beats One Year Old to Death

How did our country transform into a society where crimes such as this are commonplace occurrences? This is a sad situation for all involved, but we must ask ourselves WHY?


Birmingham, AL: An eight year old boy has been charged with murder after killing a one year old girl as their mothers were "clubbing". Read the story HERE


  1. That pic of the babies mom says very unflattering things about that poor childs patternity.

    Now 1st off only an unfit mom goes clubbing and leaves a 1 year old in care of an 8 year old. Ignoring the 8year olds anger issues there are still dozens of things that could happen that an 8 year old is unequiped to handle.

    I agree with the police spokesperson... what kind of evilis in that childs heart that they beat that baby to death. Now I know an 8 year old has poor self control but by that age unless they are feral they should have picked up some idea of right and wrong. In this case I'm going to say that if this boy was lacking compassion and self control he is either wired wrong or mom is also unfit to care for kids. Take the other 3 from the house and hope and pray you can teach them right from wrong.


    1. Charlie Daniels made a song about such things. "you know whats wrong with the world today, people done gone and put their Bibles away and they are living by the law of the jungle and not the law of the land".

  2. Look at the examples surrounding these kids. Blacks killing each other. Drugs, crime, violence, & ma's out looking for a new dick. What a life. Useless bottom feeders.


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