Thursday, February 9, 2017

All Those In Favor Should Have Been Dragged From The Meeting And Horsewhipped Until Their Bowels Turned Loose!

Prominent Republicans, who are either fools or the enemies of Liberty (maybe both), pitched a plan to the White House that would tax carbon dioxide. I believe these Quislings are on the take. I do not believe there is a politician in this country who doesn't realize what defeated the left/demorats/commies in the last election. Make a list and check it twice.


  1. Any of them in favor of a CO2 tax should be buggered by Gore every night for a month. Without lubrication.

  2. Concur. But the problem really lies with the eedjits who keep voting them (back) into office.


  3. If the ship does not right itself...bad times are ahead.......


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