Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Friend's Optimistic Text Made Me Laugh...

"Well at least he can't do it again"

Thanks Leo,  I laughed for a few seconds.


  1. You posted a while ago about looking for new blogs. I suggest, but only read the posts from FrankJ.

    I also suggest his recent New York Post column An Evel Knievel Debt Solution:

  2. "Well at least he can't do it again"

    Don't be surprised if the demon-RATs put forth an effort for more terms ala FDR, or perhaps president for life.

    1. AYUP - just like 'bloomie' couldn't run for a 3rd term as nyc mayor either - oh wait - he managed to circumvent the law - lil ole barry already thinks he is above the law - what or who (boehner?) is going to stop him from doing whatever he wants..........

  3. Had a bad dream last night - first one in mnay years...........I was in a long dark hallway, searching in a small locker for an object (not sure what) but it was needed and many were counting on me. Suddenly felt something REAL bad coming down the hallway 50yds or so away. Then some kind of demon girl thing went screaming by me and blocked my only exfil - but she didn't attack. She kept looking back down the hall waiting for the big baddie to get there - I kept looking while watching her. Woke up sweating and looked at the clock - midnight. Checked online and obama had won. I remembered what it was like to be afraid and determined to win at the same time.
    I think something bad is coming down the hall at us gents - good luck to all.

  4. he wont have to ...he will do as Mugabe and Hugo. it's over

  5. I've said from the beginning we'll know for sure whether Obama is an incompetent idiot or an evil genius by whether he is still in the Oval Office in February 2017.

  6. Considering how often O has violated the law and violated the constitution over the past 4 years
    I really don't believe the 22nd Amendment matters to the bastards. If voter fraud is fine nothing else
    will deter them.


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