Sunday, May 6, 2012

This means that forces of our military would have faced off against American farmers.


Go >READ< and you decide what to think of this.


  1. Well, it sounds a lot like what I heard on shortwave "Patriot" radio in the mid 90s, about the Feds' "red lists/blue lists" on which gun owners would be rounded up first by the German troops here for "training" at White Sands/Holloman AFB, NM. I'm guessing that then, as now, there isn't really enough support "in the ranks" to pull off such an usurping of the Constitution, so folks will see ghosts where there are none, imagining "Blue Helmets" doing the dirty work that our own troops would refuse (when they couldn't scare enough listeners with the "29 Palms survey").

  2. Again, any foreign troops used would likely be in US uniforms and led by US military officers, Quislings willing to do what their masters directed them to do. So many officers these days are picked for their willingness to follow the socialist agenda, if it means getting the right promotions, assignments, and connections. The PTB would not be so silly as to give us blue berets to shoot at.


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