Wednesday, September 9, 2020

♫♫ And then one day you find three months have got behind you...♫♫


 Similar to Leigh's submittal. Some of you might remember my fiasco:


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As the post from June notes, I ordered an axle repair kit. It arrived a few days later  and.......


It's September. 

So now I'm looking at this in the not too distant future:

Now the clock is ticking.  

Over the weekend I spent a few hours tracking down potential transmissions on ebay and craigslist. At one point I came across a cross reference chart of old part numbers to new numbers for the Hydro-gear drives that are on most lawnmowers.

I tried different search engines since they deliver a different set of results based on, I don't know, maybe, algorithms???  One of the hit's was a company called Mulligan's Parts Company ( me.. "really?") and what?? They are in Topsfield MA.. Come on this is google fucking with me. I have a 15 year old Toro with a busted axle and a company within a 3 beer drive sells new transmissions?

anyway.. someone named Santa in a UPS truck stopped by today.

Old on the left.. new on the right... 

Should be able to get it installed just before the leaves fall.









  1. Well, I guess that's better than ordering up all new parts to repair a unit with known failure problems.

    Post pix when you swap it out, or it didn't happen!

  2. Very nice!
    Also, in my opinion, a very wise choice.
    If ya got the bucks, fix the damn thing right and be done with it.
    I always have to look at things from the viewpoint that I have almost never had the money to just go get "A New One" and so it's always do it the best cheapest way for me. I saw your To Do list and oh hell yes, get this thing off your plate and move forward. Especially since Fall is upon us and time always flies when you can least afford it.
    Good on ya, now Git 'Er Done, right?

  3. I feel your pain.

    What started out as just wanting to get some new tires evolved into a suspension lift (ball joint spacers and add-a-leaf), and steering linkage rebuild. (The lift because I needed taller tires for more ground clearance and my springs are tired, and the linkage rebuild because I just KNOW the alignment shop will claim the 36-yr-old ball joints/bushings are shot and won't do the job unless replaced.)

    AAaand I'm thinking about new swaybar bushings since I did the rest of the suspension already.

    AAaaand while I was under the truck I finally found that rattle that's been annoying me. Seems the tailpipe snapped off right at the back face of the muffler last time I went off road (see improved ground clearance). So, new muffler.

    Aaaaand since the pipe from the collector to the muffler is a patchwork affair, I'm thinking about a new pipe-run.

    AAAn if I'm getting new pipe bent I might as well get a muffler upgrade instead of a stock replacement.

    AAaand if I'm going THAT far, I'm pondering that header I've been wanting.

    Aaaand if I'm getting that header, I'm giving serious stink-eye to that problematic carburetor...a new Webber should wold go well with the new header.

    There's a reason I tend to resist auto-maintenance. For me it's like Pringles... once I pop I can't stop!

  4. OMG. Now I have to wait for "The Troll" to complain again that you are talking about your mower:)

    1. The Troll can go suck on a zarf. If'n they want to start their own blog, fine - otherwise, quitcher bitchin'. Or go somewhere else.

      Cryin' shame it's illegal to shoot certain categories of people...

  5. Is it just my eyes, and the new and clean versus the old and dirty image, or does the new unit look beefier ? I see the pulley shaft is different, but appears to be the same installed height. Hopefully it is a total bolt in.
    Like I told ya earlier - if you bought me lunch and beer, I would have welded the other one for you. Been done months ago. Glad I inspired you to get after it.

    Whitehall, NY

  6. That made my night. Today i managed to gall the axle nut, trying to remove it, to replace the struts.

    Oh well, tomorrow is a new day.


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