Saturday, December 9, 2017


Christmas Came Early For Judge Roy Moore's Campaign And His Supporters As Moore Accuser Beverly Nelson Admits She Forged  Controversial Yearbook 


  1. Personally, I think such actions should require a special punishment, like making both strip naked, walk through down steps of Congress, and allow spectators to throw rotten vegetables.

    Video the proceedings, sell the videos, and use the money to help pay down the deficit.

  2. While we here are reading closer to the true facts in here and other news factual news source like: 100%fedup, Truthfeed, thegoldwater and others.

    ABC and other Liberal media outlets are spinning like a fidget spinner trying to save face and some journalistic integrity. Once again the Liberal media has screwed the pooch by misleading the public and voters. As they still are trying to completely avoid the obvious facts that they knew the signature was faked & the comments added to present a illegal looking negative opinion, all to fit their months liberal agenda spin and fake news.

    Now the worldwide known Feminist advocate lawyer has been caught shoving a pile of crap to ruin a persons career and life for a clearly seen political agenda with no moral bounds.

    At the least the Lawyer's "friend of the court" standing and general advocate for women has been exposed to reflect her real legal sincerity to feminism. She should have to answer to possible criminal actions and/or a lawsuit. Plus I'd like to know who funded her this time and see them added to the legal actions also.

  3. That was well written Anon and I agree 100%, Also, I thought that if Moore had of threatened all who were liars with a slander lawsuit as Trump did, the fake accusing would have stopped immediately as it did in Trump's campaign. I'm sure most never saw or heard of Beverly Nelson's revealing photographs of her posing for a photo with Hillary Klinton, being seen at a Doug Jones rally not long before the story broke and the fact that she had been a Demokratic campagin worker in the past. The Ministry of Propaganda (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN) would never run any of those stories. The local channels barely reported such things. I wrote a letter informing a local station that if they did not cease and desist from giving "free air-time" to that rat-bastard Doug Jones that I would lead a boycott of advertising and for people to stop watching. I suppose others had done the same thing, because not long after that the obvious pro-Jones stories stopped.

  4. Good for you Jeff. The country is counting on Alabama on Tuesday to not merely elect Judge Moore but elect him in a massive landslide....even vastly overcoming the expected Democrat fraud and illegal voting.

    1. That is supposed to be from Navyvet. Fumble fingered the name

  5. One America News had a long segment debunking a lot of these people crawling out from under rocks and claiming they were"abused" decades in the past. I'm surprised people buy into these stories, but I guess if they hurt conservatives they don't have to be true.šŸ˜ 


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