Sunday, October 2, 2022

Nordstream , A Very Good, Objective, Analysis.... Updated





*crosses self*

“Hail Mary, full of grace …”

Ok, the Nord pipeline incidents.

Sigh. I shouldn’t do this, but …

I call them “incidents” for a reason. I grew up in overseas oilfields. I try to, by training, observe everything from as objectively neutral a viewpoint as possible.


via a comment at Ken's place.   



 I went back to check out Lawdog's blog and found this update:  HERE<<


  1. It's not likely the pipelines were sabotaged. Russian incompetence is more than enough to do the job.

    1. and russians are not above taking advantage of such incompetence to blame the thing they do not particularly like at the moment..

      in the '30s and '40s they'd blame train derailments on local jewish populations rather than the idiots who can't lay a track right.

  2. The threats made by State and the Bidet Admin gave them a scapegoat in advance. It reminds me of some poor cartoon schmuck that can do absolutely nothing right. But the free world is in the balance... and in the embrace of old "don't underestimate Joe's ability to f--- things up" Bidet. Ye gods and little fishes....

  3. Appreciate the scientific point of view. I worked in the petro chemical industry, all makes sense.

  4. actually sabotage by uncle is most likely, and lawdog forgets many things about the people who run the lines - from both ends. which webwriter is on which payroll?

  5. Why would the Russians sabotage their only leverage with Europe?
    Why do people still assume Russian maintenance is as bad as it was during the days of the USSR?
    Germany was also part owner and maintainer of said pipelines.

    Too many questions, but whenever this kind of stuff happens, it's probably wise to look at who benefits for the likely answer to who put this in motion.

    1. Well, I don't know anything about pipelines, but Russian maintenance? All you have to do is watch the Russian dashcam videos that are all over the internet to see the level of care and sobriety that are a part of everyday life in Russia. Do you think that the wrench turners are ten cuts above the truck drivers? I haven't seen that here, and I doubt if it's the case there.

    2. Oddly I was amused to read that per kilometer of pipeline that Russia had the best safety record according to my Forbes magazine from 2020.

      Funny how something that MAKES MONEY for the Russians for decades in the Artic and underseas they are suddenly Incompetent to maintain.

      What about the FACT that Nord stream is a 50-50 Partnership with BOTH European and Russian Engineers working on it jointly. OH YEAH, guess after Germany dropped billions on a pipeline, they'd Ignore maintaining it.

      But hey, you be you. Just because quite a few notable people said we would destroy that line, several European news reported that just the week earlier that Germans were ON THE STREETS demanding their Deaf Politicians GET it re opened, and Oh SNAP, it's gone.

      NOT in American news, just like the Dutch farmers protests over shutting down their farms for immigrant housing.

      INCLUDING the Nord stream pipeline that didn't even have natural gas run through it yet. Records by German Engineers was the never opened Pipeline was full of "technical Gas" mostly Nitrogen.

      While the US TRAINED CLOWNS (err the Politicians of Europe) are blowing and scraping to the World Economic Forum and the US Deep State (You really don't think Joe the Sock Puppet has any authority, do you?) the people of Europe are getting QUITE aware they will freeze in the dark without Russian gas.

      Maybe Europe has more balls than "Freedom Loving" Americans and a night of the long knives will erupt when it gets cold and nasty over there.

      Pretty soon you and I will understand Joe the Sockpuppets Reichstag speech in a blood red "Liberty Hall Philidelphia" where he said that 50% of America was Maga semi-fascists and a Danger to OUR Democracy".

      They DO Hate you and want you dead or in a "Nice reeducation camp". Please pack a small bag.

    3. to a degree old 1811, the videos you see are what you are coached to see. you bought into the "russians are all stupid" bs. we have stupids too. are all polish still stupid?

  6. It doesn't matter how this happened. All that matters is that it happened and Traitor Joe said he's do it. That's all that's needed to cement the "whodunnit..."

  7. Lack of Knowledge can be much greater than we realize. Just because the new hires replaced the old, quit, or died (& those terminated for a lower price sub contractor), doesn't mean we have Competence. A new applicant was asked Can you read spanish? yes. What wasn't asked or thought of is numerical or dyslexia. 3075 written on note. "5730" spoken.
    Goes and gets said item, says "oops, 3575". The actual item is 3573.

    A Warehouse operator of 50 sites, both dry goods & refrigerated. BUT not in the same location. Utter disaster, compounded by covid. "We've never done them combined before". Nobody thought to ask that simple question before diving into that disaster.
    Laying 2 pipes from 2 starting points to 2 end points. This one goes from that tee around to that terminus. After lunch we will lay the other one from this terminus to this tee. Get back from lunch to find he'd cut. Now we are short a splice to fix. Splices are 5 days out on back order. Because he didn't stop to think.
    It's very possible what has been described.
    Especially if you have someone who's drinking or stoned.
    A former employee was recently in an altercation of shooting at a bystander & trying to ram police. He'd always been an alcoholic, but meth is what took him off the streets today.

  8. Of course its possible. Just because we have the same puppetmasters in control of the forces ( globally mind you it just isn't USA )necessary to pull this off, just because these same puppetmasters are using every other means at their disposal to commit genocide, just because all things Russian are in their gunsights ( with Russia leading the non-West coalition of BRICs ), sure sure its an accident. What a coinkadink. Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, thrice is enemy action.

  9. It seems everyone is wanting to discern the truth of who's the culprit, and how, and why. People are wanting to be careful to not make assumptions.
    Yet consider the greatest assumption is the alleged pipe was actually blown.

    Oh, how do you know? Because various persons (all without the capability, mind you) are losing their chit over this, and news orgs and blogs and 'experts' deposit multi-thousand word essays and analysis strewn about the innerwebz; these are not the evidence you seek.

    Was there other pipe in the area? And so on, a thousand new questions. Let's see what the (managed) whistleblowers and governmental leaks have to say.

    Oh, one more thing, what else is going on while the world looks to who is burning who?

  10. They burned down meat packing and food processing plants so we will starve or else eat their disease infested bug stew.
    They cut off or blow up piplines so we can't get to work and make money to feed our families bug stew. So we starve, get diseased or freeze. See the conspiracy yet? And the eggheads at the top of the food chain aren't even hiding it anymore. In-fact they brag about it.
    Save your ammo. You are gonna need it.

    1. dig into that list of "burned down processing plants".

      about 25% of them actually burned down.

      the rest? minor fires, plant back up and operating inside of a week. or it was one building out of four, and they can work without that particular storage building until it's replaced. or an office fire in a trash can, and didn't shut down the plant at all. things like that. minor stoppages that happen all the time.

      the conspiracy is they could have put that data on the list...but they didn't. they wanted you to come to a particular conclusion, and they gave you only the data that pointed to that conclusion.

      you are being lied to. put in some work. trust no one, not even the people you think are on your side.

      hal turner was part of an FBI program. you don't set up a program for just one guy...there are more out there that were just better at hiding it than he was.

  11. I'm inclined to accept Law Dogs assessment.

  12. There's a problem with his explanation.

    Where's the oxygen required for the explosion?

    What he describes will certainly cause a rupture, and above ground would most likely leadto an explosion.

    Considering this registered on the Richter scale where did the oxygen/air required to cause an explosion come from?

    1. You are stuck in the mindset that the "explosion" was the result of rapid combustion. That is somewhat possible, but not likely. Please re-read what Lawdog actually said, leave your assumptions at the door. I've seen both combustion-based explosions, and NON-combustion-based explosions, both are short, nasty, and things and people tend to get hurt, damaged, and/or dead.

      As to the Richter scale, please do some research. From all accounts I've read so far, it registered 2 point something, and the human body can't sense anything below 4 on the Richter scale. Now, if you were standing (swimming) next to it you'd be hamburger, but otherwise it's a non-event on a much larger scale. Unless you are a pipeline that has a hydrate plug traveling at a respectable speed inside it, that is! THEN you have a problem if it needs to make a sharp (for values of "sharp") turn or sudden stop. We refer to it nowadays as a RUD, a Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly. We can thank SpaceX for making RUD a household acronym...

      Lawdog knows whereof he speaks. Russian incompetence probably played a LARGE part of the outcome! We may never know, because it's human nature to cover up our misdeeds, and Russian paranoia makes it even more likely that the blame will never be attributed to them because We May Never Know or Find Out.

  13. I note that even Lawdog (our resident pipeline expert) commented his opinion was one of many likely reasons and DID NOT Rule out US involvement.

    Germans protesting that Nord stream must be reopened on September 26th as their tone deaf politicians say we don't need it.

    Oddly September 27 or 28th (differing reports here) Dear Nord stream went boom.

    A most regretful BUT Timely accident, eh?

    I could post links to a lot of foolish statements by American "leadership" and European leaders that rather strongly point out the US soiled its White Hat (Again, if you remember Gulf of Tonkin, Iraqi "Weapons of Mass Destruction" and so on).

    cui bo·no?
    [kwē ˌbōnō]
    who stands, or stood, to gain (from a crime, and so might have been responsible for it)?

    If Germanys citizens are about to force their government to make nice to the Russians so they DON'T Freeze in the dark the whole NATO alliance is in shambles and the Proxy War (Of GRIFT) in the Ukraine shudders to a stop.

    I DO Wonder about the most recent 12.2 BILLION Dollar Ukrainian "Aid Package". How rich a Grift pile it must be for the CONgress (spelling intentional) critters and the 10% for the Big Guy Sockpuppet.

    The goals of the World Economic Forum continue to be checked off one by one. Russia and the USA must be eliminated as the PanFamWar as Michael Yon calls it (Famine Wars as I simplify it) reduces the population for them. Starvation is a powerful tool to reduce and control.

    Got food, heating, shelter, ability to repair it when planned chaos damages it and trusted friends?

  14. MonkeyWerxUS has a blog post where he goes into detail about what he believes happened.

    Here is his video from 2022/09/30 where he shows the flight path of a Poseiden P-8. It enters the area above the explosions just before and flies out just after. All the information he shows in his video is open source. The plane location data is crowd sourced. The software he uses is SkyGlass.
    Time Index: 13:30, Duration: ~2 minutes.

    Notice the UT0 time on the bottom right. According to this NPR article, the first explosion happened about 2:30am Swedish time and the second about 7am.


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