Thursday, September 29, 2022

"I'm sick of these black bastards" North Carolina sheriff allegedly said

North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation is looking into charges of obstruction of justice by the Columbus County sheriff and deputies under his command a spokesperson for the statewide law enforcement agency said Wednesday.

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  1. Said 90% of EVERY police officer/EMT/Firefighter EVER…….

    Said 80% EVERY person who serves/works with the public at large EVER….

    Said 70% of blacks who live in predominantly black “neighborhoods”/ areas…..

    Sad but true…….

    When do we stop pretending and start mitigation/defending against a clear and present danger who views us as prey and/or their oppressors……

    Que the Crickets

  2. Its funny I recall talking with a black guy that I worked with... he even said, they (the blacks) know whats being done (all the BS) is creating the very racism they claim exists....
    But much like whats going on in National and International politics these days, the masses are being driven around by a bunch of maniacs. Its funny that we allow more pain to enter our life by avoiding the pain of confronting someone.

    1. masses are Allowing themselves to be driven around by a bunch of maniacs,because they are either too Stewpid or so mentally lazy they won't think for themselves and See how they are just accepting obvious lies and then living as if it's truth.

  3. So a recording that is 4 years old is trotted out in the heat of an election to smear a politician. This sounds like normal politics to me, but they have called in the state to investigate. Doesn't NC have a democrat governor now?

  4. Sheriff by all powers of the office, should tell the state to shove it.

  5. Somebody recorded that call and he knows who.

  6. Here's a great book on the subject: The Un-Civil War: BLACKS vs NIGGERS: Confronting the Subculture Within the African-American Community

    btw...the author is a black gent...

  7. Who isn’t suffering from kneegrow fatigue at this point?

  8. i remember a guy telling a black man 30 years ago, "the last civil war,we fought for you, don't count on it in the next one". hmmm?

  9. There are Blacks, and then there are dark-skinned Neanderthals. Just like there's White, and there's Trailer Trash.
    Every culture has 'em.

  10. If he was elected then tough shit.


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