Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Scrolling the webz and news this morning....


 This caught my eye as well as the teaser on the side:

First up the the NH Coach fired << which yeilds quite an interesting statement at the end of article

PEMBROKE, N.H. (WHDH) - Pembroke Academy’s track and field coach says he was fired for refusing to require his athletes to wear a mask while competing.

It’s recommended all outdoor track and field athletes wear a face-covering during competition but Brad Keyes said when he learned his school would enforce those guidelines, he protested online by writing an article titled: “Fire me if you must.”

“There’s no rationale to it, there’s no consistency to it and I felt like I would be lying to the kids in telling them that it makes any sense,” he said.

When asked why he did not just quit in protest, Keyes said because he wanted to call attention to the issue.

“Nobody would’ve heard about it. They would’ve said thank you and I would’ve walked away,” he said. “I titled it that way because I assumed they would fire me. And I was hoping I would catch some attention and maybe get the word out and maybe get some other people to speak up.”

Keyes said he is not alone in feeling this way.

“I’ve heard from other coaches, their approach will be to wink, a nod to the kids, ‘Oh if your mask falls off or gets pulled down there’s nothing you can do about it.’ So now we are coming up with these rules and they are going to be told they aren’t really important,” he explained.

Tufts Medical Center Epidemiologist Dr. Shira Doron said mask-wearing during sports is encouraged for indoor events.

“Being outside is extremely safe. It is very rare to have transmission of COVID-19 in an outdoor setting,” she said. “If there’s a race, and people are running by each other you know short time periods of being within 6 feet outside would also not pose a very high risk.”

However, Doron said mask mandates are put in place for reasons other than preventing the transmission of COVID-19.

“I think sometimes these rules about masking outdoors are not just about trying to keep people safe but also about trying to keep make people comfortable,” she said.

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Irish adds:

If you watch the news clip at the link above, Dr Doron is interviewed at the end and her statement is highlighted above. The last sentence is quite interesting.  The media transcript changed her wording from "make people comfortable" to "keep people comfortable". 

So, here is an Epidemiologist, that realizes some the mask mandates are not in effect for stopping transmission BUT are in place because someone else might get scared or uncomfortable.Maybe those snowflakes should just stay home?

 I can also tell you that I am personally aware of 6 persons that have had positive tests in the past week. All of them are experiencing various symptoms associated with covid BUT all describe it as a bad cold or flu. Most are already on the mend. 


Moving on to the next clickbait headline:


(WHDH) — As millions of Americans are being vaccinated against the coronavirus, another variant has emerged.

The so-called “double mutant” variant has been discovered in San Francisco after first being detected in hard-hit India.

The variant got its name because it carries two mutations of the virus that helps it latch onto cells.

It is not yet known whether this new variant is more infectious or resistant to vaccines.

“To date we don’t know that the variants have completely escaped immunity, where for example, if you’ve been naturally infected or immunized you still may be hospitalized or in a ICU or die,” said Dr. Paul Offit, member of the FDA Vaccines Advisory Committee.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says part of the reason overall case counts are up 16 percent over the past two weeks is because of the variants.

There are currently more than 700 cases of the United Kingdom variant in Massachusetts.

While only one case of the “double mutant” variant has been reported in the United States, reports say doctors at Stanford University are screening seven other cases that could be the new strain.

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 I'll keep an eye open for the "triple- variant" when this one dies off.




Have any of you noticed we have had a rash of white supremacist,  MAGA hat wearing  

 shooters lately?

Ya, me neither.







  1. Last week, Thursday I think, went to the grocery store t5o pick up a couple of items. Forgot my mask. I live in a STATE and CITY that have mask mandates. No one said anything to me. They didn't even look at me funny nor did they refuse me service.


  2. ">Have any of you noticed we have had a rash of white supremacist, MAGA hat wearing

    shooters lately?"
    The MSM is just Biden' their time...

  3. Wearing a mask while practicing or competing in any sports event does physiological damage to the athlete. Oxygen is the fuel required to perform, not CO2. IDIOTS running the world.

  4. Lord of the FleasApril 7, 2021 at 11:39 AM

    So put the double mutant virus on double secret probation, and the problem is solved. (HT: Dean Wormer)

    1. DAMMIT! Lord beat me to it......

      Whitehall, NY

  5. Get them bandana's. I hate the mask.
    Maybe some bandana's with skull and bones on them.

  6. The more they mess with the immune system via "vaccination", the more variants we will have-

    They are building the worlds biggest bio-lab in our bodies, by using a non-sterilizing "vaccine" that does not kill the virus or stop transmission, just puts pressure on it to mutate.
    If the malicious monkey diddlers keep it up, we may well get a civilization ending plague because of their own actions.

    1. And they'll consider that a feature, not a bug. These are the people who believe that the world's population should be reduced to no more than 500 million. How else are they going to do it?

  7. "double mutant" is that like 'double secret probation' a'la Animal House?

  8. With all the shit on the Streets of San Francisco one would think any virus-whether a 'double mutant' or not-would steer clear of that fecal mess.

  9. Everyone over the age of three remembers that colds and flu were absolutely normal in the spring. We didnt need a cowardly half wit governor to tell us we MUST wear masks, or some obnoxious karens begging to be throat punched for insisting we do.

  10. I have never taken a flu vaccine in my life. I do not plan on taking this COVID19 vaccine as the health risks from the vaccone are worse then the COVID19 flu.

    I also do not use a mask. If you read mask boxes they say either "not for medical use" or not for COVID19 use" and it does not matter what type of mask. I have been forced to wear a mask in certain places but I usually take the mask off ASAP. The whole mask scam is for control of the sheeple.

  11. '...mandate...'?
    A dictate.
    From a dictator.


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