Monday, April 5, 2021

Header Image, Video Gone, and Meh......


 Good Monday morning all!


First up, the header image.  Damn nice looking place to wet your whistle right? I bet the burgers are

as good as the one's on FFF.  Well, it's CGI. I found it this morning:


Check out more images here<<<


It's from a game called Far Cry 5, as far as I can tell.





Remember the video a few posts down of the Chinese Dr that was concerned we may enjoy

our freedom without the vaxx?  Poof , Gone.  Scroll down the blog and see for yourself. 

I guess tptb don't want that info disseminated, huh?



Lot's going on. I've started and deleted a few posts but get pulled in various directions.

Life, you know, we are all living it.

I hope you all had a nice Easter Weekend. Here the weather was Sunny and high 50's all afternoon.

It was nice to sit outside and actually relax. We had leg of lamb and a sliced ham as well as 

all the sides.  The ham bone is in the pot and tonight I will start a nice big batch of split pea

and ham soup with bacon of course and a few extra goodies thrown in.

One thing that is constantly in the back of mind is the this thought:

"With all the information about everything going on that is being passed around the blogs and twitter 

and email and text messages and everything our eyes and sixth sense are telling us that is being labeled 

as conspiracy theory crap we see everyday, what if parts, whatever percentage that is, are true?" 

Stay safe out there, I'm lurking as time allows.









  1. I would still someday like to replicate that in my home wherever that may be. Reading blogs this a.m. and yes lots of info including what is now gone from the web. Everyones tired nothing changes, do they have us by the balls or what.

    Sounds like a good Easter Irish, he is risen. I am on the road to Emmaus myself. Have a great week and thank you for what you do.

  2. Everything (((they))) label "conspiracy theory" is either happening or dis-mis info to saturate, inundate us with mind numbing, soul stealing, doom porn. Self full filling prophesy. Low and mid level management don't want to collapse the system, the string pullers want to collapse it. Lots of worthless eaters out here.

  3. When I first looked at the header on Friday, I though maybe there was something a little off, but couldn't figure out what it was. It wasn't that such an inviting looking place lacked people. It was something about the composition that looked too clean not as in not dirty, it was the lines of the place, I think. Anyway, glad you cleared that up. Thanks Nemo


  4. Noah was a conspiracy theorist. Then it started to rain.....

  5. CGI?!!??!? Nah, just a very vivid dream. THAT is exactly the place I'm going to build in the next few years on the Gulf of Mexico. Thanks for just putting it into a way that other people can see my vision.

  6. I can visualize Jack Benny talking with Rochester and inquiring if the lamb for Easter was raised wearing a mask.

  7. As of Monday, ~3PM Irish Time, the video of the evil chinese cu*t can be found here:

  8. I initially read the, "It's CGI" thing, so I scrolled back up and looked at it. Commented to the wife, "That kinda looks like the bar in Far Cry 5". Scrolled back down and sure enough.
    There are parts of that game that look really spectacular on high end equipment. I remember the original Far Cry. It was incredible for the day, but running it today, it is rather lacking in the graphics department. I still think the original Far Cry, though old technology, is the best iteration of the series. I wish they would do do a "refresh" using the latest graphics engine.
    My next must have is STALKER 2. Can't wait!

    I ripped the vid of the no vax / no freedom hag. I kind of had a feeling they were going to memory hole it.
    Commies just gotta commie.

    Whitehall, NY

  9. The chinese doctor video is over on Rumble. The internet is forever

  10. Any game named after a Rush Tune 'Far Cry' must be worth looking at

  11. Any game named after a Rush Tune 'Far Cry' must be worth looking at


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