Saturday, April 10, 2021

BLM (the hypocrisy, will it ever end?): Eight homicides in six days (as of Friday afternoon)/UPDATED: It is now nine in the first ten days of April!



Birmingham PD is taking heat from the nearby city of Calera for not utilizing proven investigative crime solving methods to make arrests in the wake of recent killings. As a side note, I'd wager that none of dementia Joe's proposed 2a infringements would have changed the outcome of any of these crimes nor were any of the firearms used purchased "legally"

Calera PD accuses Birmingham PD of not fully using crime solving resources

Calera PD criticizes B'ham PD following shootings

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Following a recent spike in gun violence in Birmingham, some neighboring police departments have expressed criticism and accused the Birmingham Police Department of not fully using resources to solve crimes.

The conversation is about a system called the National Integrated Ballistic Information Network. NIBIN is a system where officers can compare bullet shell casings from shootings to link the bullets back to the gun used to try and find the shooter. Calera’s Police Chief tweeted a strong message to Birmingham Police highlighting the number of recent deaths and accused the department of not using that system and not effectively tracing guns in crimes.

“Recovering shell casings, entering them into the system, and following up on those leads aggressively is an important part. Not following up is like taking fingerprints and not using them to prove crimes. You have to do all of it,” said Chief David Hyche, Calera Police Department.

Chief Patrick Smith strongly refuted that claim at Thursday’s news conference about recent crimes, saying the department uses it, but that alone won’t simply solve cases.

“While it may connect the gun, it won’t connect the shooter. Just like whoever made that comment may have their take on things - I handle Birmingham. Maybe they should handle their department that’s all I can say.”

Chief Smith says in urban areas guns change hands often so it’s not simple to pinpoint a shooter.

Police say 7 people died in shootings since Saturday and over 10 people were hurt....most of them younger people. Leaders say they have made progress in those cases to identify people responsible, but they are also asking for the community’s help.

A Birmingham City Worker was shot to death in his city truck around two o'clock Friday afternoon. No suspects have been arrested. 


  1. " I'd wager that none of dementia Joe's proposed 2a infringements would have changed the outcome of any of these crimes"

    None, not one of the 30 THOUSAND or so federal, state and local gun laws have EVER prevented a gun crime anywhere in this country. All gun laws have the potential of turning law abiding citizens into felons not to mention infringing on a right guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution (I know, I'm preaching to the choir.)

    IMHO, none of Biden's "suggestions" (his words not mine) have the force of law. CONgress and/or AFT (AFT is his spelling not mine) need to pass a law or laws or a rule to enact his "suggestions". Oh, and no one, according to him, is trying to "take away your guns". Joe is just trying to make the country safer and to put an end to gun violence with new common sense gun laws and rules.

    ...did I tell you about this bridge I have?


    1. Preach on brother. I know I'm preaching to the choir too, but I hope that someone on the "fence" might see some of this stuff, think on it, and then come to the realization of just how asinine this liberal logic/commie indoctrination really is.

  2. "NIBIN is a system where officers can compare bullet shell casings from shootings to link the bullets back to the gun used..."

    I love it when someone that doesn't know shit about firearms tries to write an article.

    1. Kevin at The Smallest Minority did a dissection of the practicalitis of ballistic fingerprinting :

      He took a sledgehammer to their arguments and pounded it to powder.

      Phil B

  3. That is a slow weekend in Chicago.....

    1. Yes, but Chicago is over NINE MILLION people. Birmingham is just over 200,000. Based on last week/weekends numbers, in Chicago the odds are about 1 in 80,000 of being killed while Birmingham is approximately 1 in 25,000. The odds are far more grim if you are a young black male in either city (thus the theme BLM).

  4. It's sad that there are 8 murder / shooting deaths in 8 days. Chicago, this is our way of life in America, especially in places like St Louis, Baltimore, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Detroit, and many more. 8 blacks dead in 8 days, oh did you see the basketball score? Blacks are killing each other, violent crime up 30%, police are tools of the state (nothing personal), emerging gun laws will make felons out of 100M + citizens (assume most own a gun that holds more than 10 rounds); this is the Socialist objective.

    1. I would like to mention a few more cities where we never hear of the horrific black on black homicide and shooting numbers that are probably on par with Birmingham percentage wise. There is Nashville, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Memphis, Louisville, Indy, Detroit, Minneapolis, L.A., Portland, Seattle, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Charleston, Tuscaloosa, Mobile, Montgomery, etc., on and on , etc. Wash, rinse, and repeat in almost any city above 50,000. The leftist and their MSM propagandist have a vested interest in not reporting the numbers of black on black crimes, which is mind-boggling. Neither do they have any interest in reporting factual data pertaining to illegally obtained firearms vs. legally purchased firearms used in the commission of a crime. The truth would spoil their narrative and this would be a hindrance to their ultimate goal of disarmament. I hope and pray that American never surrender their firearms or ammunition.

    2. And they damn sure don't report on the number of black-on-white crimes either, or the game would be up.

    3. In one of the cities listed, I know for a fact that shootings (near daily occurrence) are not reported on the news. Being a tourist destination, the Dem's don't want to hurt the economy. If rational thinking people knew the facts, they may think twice about visiting. The police are going through a diversity audit though and thats on the news every day

  5. * In America, we breed our imports for fighting and sex... while breeding the thinking out of them (the infamous '70 IQ').

    * The chinese breed for obedience.
    In china, the only allowed thinking concerns the consequences of disobedience.

    * The semites wallow-about in a state of constant War-By-Any-Means against everybody not a semite (aka 'anti-semite')... while loudly whining "non-semites always victimize us".

    * Keltic individuals are perpetually entertained at attempts of anybody trying to control Keltic individuals.

    I am vastly amused at the wild-eyed hypothesis 'all humans descend from Blacks© in Afrika'.
    Based on the evidence, could that goofy claim be the opposite of reality?

    I welcome your rebuttal.

  6. Those are rookie numbers man,really need to pump those up. This is a self correting problem if we can get the numbers up


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