Saturday, March 27, 2021

Working Harder Than Most Teenagers.......



  1. Judging by the coach in the background, it is an Amish dog so, yes, it will actually do physical labour!

    Phil B

    1. It may also just be a yard decoration. The Amish around here don't just leave a buggy any more than a few yards from where they unhook the horses.

      The dog is a Blue Heeler. My brother has one. They tend to be a little high strung and have their own unique quirks. His dog got ran over before he got her. Now she goes around and bites tires of the equipment in the yard. She has even caused a couple of flat tires with her antics. The last of which was on a trailer style wood-splitter.
      Yeah, Roxxy - I'm talking about you.....

      Whitehall, NY

  2. There was a modern trailer at the beginning of the video. Hope that yard decoration is well cared for.


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