Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Good Mornin'!










  1. And the greatest country in the world. USA USA USA USA ain't skeered.

  2. I got to my polling place ~6:30AM. There were cars everywhere on the streets around the polling place. 500-1000 people outside in the cold, waiting to vote. The line moved pretty quickly, but it was still about 20 minutes before I even got in the building.

    Inside was a mad house. People standing shoulder to shoulder waiting to have their name checked off the voter roll and to show ID. There was a short line to get a booth to mark your ballot. Then another short line to deposit the ballot into the tabulation machine.

    There were NO Trump signs outside, but there were Biden/Harris signs along with every other Demonrat on the ballot.

    I have to wonder what in hell the state GOP committee is doing about winning this election.

    All in all it was about 30 minutes from the time I arrived until I left after voting.


  3. OUTSTANDING!! "Drove Here... MADE IT!" Tim Wilson, Comedian, Circa, 1997.

  4. I and the missus have been doing a media blackout for yesterday and today - she's just on pins and needles about this. I'm listening to Rush right now, and I'm calm... it is what it is.

    The fun starts tomorrow, win or lose. I'm sooooooo glad I don't have to hear any more election commercials after today. Unfortunately, we DO have to listen to the frothing-at-the-mouth Demoturds blathering and howling on the Lamestream media, but the soothing salve of 4 More Years of Trump relieves those aches and pains!

  5. Oops....I accidentally ran over a Biden sign at my polling place.....

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    1. Gotta love four wheel drive when no is looking....

  7. Showed up at my voting place (that I have gone to for more than a decade) and wasn't initially allowed to drop off my vote because I wasn't in their book. After some back and forth they let me submit my by-mail ballot. Told my wife (who is doing the homeschooling while I work) and she was listed. Only difference is she is registered democrat. Well, not anymore.

  8. memes dont equal elections.

    y'all would all do yourself a favor and accept the election.

    stamping your feet and holding your breath is not all that impressive.

  9. Accept an election like yall did in 2016?

    1. Exactly. They STILL haven't accepted it and They REALLY won't when all the fraudulent votes are tossed out.


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