Monday, August 31, 2020

The University of Alabama football players and coaches stopped being simply a football team and followed the lead of the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NASCAR. Today the U of A football team took a political stand based largely on a false narrative perpetuated by Commies and the MSM.

 I stopped watching college football several years ago. If I was a UA football fan, I would not be after today. In this video it appears there are not any white players marching. They are in the back of the line kind of like "the back of the bus". I really think this will be "step on your dick" moment for the team and university. I know in recent years student attendance at games has waned. In light of what took place today, I figure we will see kneeling during the anthem at UA games which will also cause attendance numbers to fall (think NFL, NASCAR,  etc. ).

If anyone has the stomach for it, click HERE to watch the latest attempt in destroying a fan base


  1. Don't care, noways nohow. College football has been nothing but farm teams for the NFL for years. Most players don't get an education, most get away with horrendous crimes with little to no punishment, learn to abuse women by their 2nd year (if they weren't already inducted into the wifebeater's club.)

    I used to watch college ball. Back when giants like Bobby Bowden was a coach, and most of the hanky-panky was kept down (during his last years as a coach, the center for the team graduated a hard science program with honors while playing with a broken foot.) But afterwards? Team went to hell in a handbasket quickly.

    Nah. I'll just not watch any sports. Even the NHL got woke, now going broke.

  2. Destroying the game over dead hoodrats.

  3. Everybody wants on the short bus, I guess.

  4. Waiting for a call from the head of the Alumni Association to the college: "Fire Sabas' ass TODAY."

  5. Follow the sportsball, boys. Nothign else matters.

    This is the story of what happens when a naļve 15-year-old prodigy collides with an upward-reaching football program, some of whose players feel like they own the campus.

    1. Sobering. I am country too, but there is no way I'd let my daughter. regardless of age, enroll in UAB. Birmingham is very dangerous, especially for white females.


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