Wednesday, July 29, 2020

It WAS Awesome....

Fuck all these asswipes... Then and now.


  1. This is fun. What if Hillary were male and Donald female during the debates? It wasn't the outcome they expected - the audience still didn't like Hillary.

    1. You should watch the whole thing - I loved seeing this and saved it to “favorites”

  2. Here's hoping the DemoTurds are screwing the pooch even worse this year, because you KNOW they are going to try to steal the election big time this time!

  3. Too bad, sa sad, Demonrats crying bitter tears in their soup. Loved. Every. Fookin'. Minute.

    It will be even more sweet the second time around.


  4. I hope you guys are right as the Dems are going all out for mail in voter fraud, err voting. You know their saying "vote early, vote late, vote the graveyard, vote democrat".

    90 somedays until the main event. And we will be looking at 2019+ as the good old days.

  5. Love that meme. You know it's true too.

  6. For some reason I have this memory of somebody wearing a pussy hat just completely falling apart, it still brings a smile to my face. This election is going to be violent. I am ready.

  7. I believe that if the Democrats allow Biden to debate Trump, the vote will be done then and there.
    However, one thing to watch for. I live in Michigan, and our Sec.of State, Jocelyn Benson. sent every registered voter a form to request an absentee ballot. The law used say that you had to have a real reason for not being able to vote in person, and laziness was not a reason.
    I got that in the mail around a month ago. Today, I got a flyer in the mail from the same bunch,the S.O.S. saying that Ms.Benson wanted us to not mail our ballots,but instead, to take them to a precinct where they were having actual voting, and drop them into the collection box they had there. She said that way, we could be certain that the ballot would not get lost or delayed.
    I found this to be very troubling. I don't remember if I kept that flyer or not,but if I did, I am sending it to someone that might be able to use it to their advantage. The damn thing made me feel like I live in Chicago.
    Last election, for president, 6 months before it was held, I predicted Trump was going to win. People laughed at me and called me stupid. This time,I am still saying that Trump will win, and by a substantial amount. The left will do the blame game,like normal, but as we have seen, they now have a taste for blood,from their " peaceful protests", and will erupt, and start a real war. I really hate to see it come. But I remember a quote from Thomas Paine. Paraphrased,it goes, I don't wish for trouble to come,but if it must,let in come in my life time,that my children may know peace.
    I feel the same way,although at 60, it will benefit my grandchildren more than my kids, the oldest who is 40, and a youngster who is but 23.
    I am also considering forming a neighborhood watch, which we had once, but they just walked around after dark with flash lights,and green vests. I am thinking more along the lines of people who would be willing to stand together if the need arose. My wife and my 23 year old daughter are both in poor health, and so bugging out is somewhat impractical. But I live in a trailer park, with around 1000 homes in it, and two road entrances. No matter who actually wins the election, there will be bloodshed, either from the leftist loonies, or from the idiots on the right, of which there are also many, if you watch any youtube videos. At the least, we all should pray, if we are of that mindset. This nation is in danger like no other time in my 60 years, and I lived through the Vietnam war, the riots in Detroit, and uncountable other flashpoints that could have caused a second civil war. I pray that God is merciful and allows us to get past this election without turning on ourselves.

    Stay safe, and make memories with your family the rest of this summer.


  8. I never tire of seeing those montages of election night videos. I had no idea how "off the cliff" the left would actually react for four solid years. I knew they were nuts. But what we are seeing today is so much more than i ever expected. To totally ignore the rule of law as mayors and governors is astounding. Are we really witnessing the turn that the leftists have been working on for decades? Or will we see another rebuke of socialism? I honestly don't know.


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