Friday, January 31, 2020

It's Easy To Spot mASSholes Living In NH...

 They have signs like this at the end of their driveways....



  1. You must have shot that in Portsmouth or one of those east coast towns.


  2. I used to frequently visit the lab of one of our customers in a suburb of Boston back in the eighties. Pretty much everyone there was a masshole except for the one guy that I liked to work with. Found out later that he was from NH. All the rest were from Taxatwoshits..............

  3. Good way to end up on someone's personal accountability list.


  4. Got stationed at Hanscom AFB just outside of Boston back in 86. Took us 2 days (why so long, I know) to figure out we were NOT going to live in Mass.
    Found a nice place in Nashua and lived there for 3 years. Took that long to convince the Chair Force to get me the fuck out of New England.
    Well 2 years for me, 3 for the family. Took a remote to get out of that Command, it was sucking the life out of me, and it was a career killer.

  5. One paint balloon at 40 mph would take care of that shit.

  6. So who is NH warren with? Rhode Island? What'd they do?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  7. We (the wife and I) have been musing moving to a more remote area. LITTERED with Warren, and Bernie, and Pete, and other "D" signs.



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