Friday, June 7, 2019

Apparently This One Did Not Matter

Some might remember well-known activist, Mercutio Southall, Jr. He is the guy that was thrown out of the Nov. 21st, 2015 Trump rally in downtown Birmingham. Mercutio is the one that caused a big ruckus inside the venue and Trump yelled, "get him, get him the hell out of here!". The Secret Service boys did just that. If anyone is interested in how Mercutio gunned down another Birmingham man this past Tuesday night, click HERE.

If this character didn't already have a little press time notoriety, this would simply be another black on black killing briefly mentioned in the Birmingham evening news and then the focus of the reporting would turn to how a dilapidated store building was going to be renovated into trendy downtown apartments, or stories of unity breakfasts, how local pastors and politicians were planning marches to end the violence, how the new mayor elect wants to turn Birmingham into a sanctuary city, etc. People are so numbed and conditioned to this kind of violence that hardly anyone really cares any more until it directly affects them. There are multiple shootings in the Ham nearly every night and a homicide on average every other day. It is insane.


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  2. BHM used to be in the upper numbers of the National Crime Statistics but inexplicably now their crime rates are mixed with a nearby suburb [Hoover] to bring them down.

  3. Jefferson County/Birmingham (considered metro Birmingham) was one of the most dangerous areas in the country a few years ago. I would have to do a little research to say with certainty where they stand today. I know the local media downplays violence as does the local PD. There is much that is overlooked and ignored. To get the truth, talk with someone who lives around Ensley, Bessemer, or around 1st Avenue North. Those are not the only places where crime is rampant, but they are some of the hotspots.

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  5. Interesting how it is impossible to find a picture of Arthur Douglas Hudson from Birmingham, Alabama. I wonder if he is white. One possibility is on Facebook


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