Saturday, September 1, 2018

Has it really been 79 years?


September 1st, 1939 German forces invade Poland launching the beginning of the Second World War in Europa. It could have been averted, quashed, avoided, but it was not.

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  1. September 1st, 1939 German & SOVIET forces invade Poland launching the beginning of the Second World War in Europa. It could not have been averted, quashed, avoided, but everyone wanted it like the first world war.


    Why dose everyone forget the Soviets were in on this too?

    1. Not averted, Easy Company?...Maybe, But if Donald Trump was president in 1939 who knows?

    2. Hitler did not want a war with the Western allies. He offered to take by Danzig and the "corridor" and pull his troops back into Germany, but the Poles refused. This city/area was German anyhow and was ceded to Poland after the WWI (as was the Sudentenland thus the bloodless "Anschluss"). Yes EasyCompany, the Soviets were poised to take Poland and possibly invade Germany. Like the Danzig scenario with Hitler promising to withdraw, we will never know if this would have actually occurred. One of the "what ifs" I've often pondered goes like this. Poland relinquishes Danzig and the corridor. Hitler withdraws. France and England are not pulled into the fray. The low countries and France are "bloodlessly" occupied. In 1941 Hess flys to England and negotiates peace thus forming an alliance with England and France to wage war against- the Soviets. The United States remains neutral. There would be statues of Hitler from the Channel to the Elbe.

    3. Because the Jews love and invented Communism and hate Hitler even though he was 1/4 Jew. History is written by the Victors and they lie more than they tell the truth.

  2. Has anyone wonder how the Nzai's would have handled the question of the Muslim final solution instead of the Jews.??

  3. One would think it would have been much worse than the treatment of "partisans" in Russia. Strangely, the Waffen SS saw the formation of the 13th SS "Handschar Division" in 1943. It was comprised of Croatian muzzies. They even wore the fez as a headpiece.


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