Friday, September 28, 2018

Cuckold Deep State Bitch Boy Flake Sides With DemoRatz, Repeats "Let The FBI Investigate" Mantra No Senate Vote Today

                                                                            I say turn Kavanaugh loose on him.

He was after all born in Snowflake AZ


  1. I suppose that flakes family origins is Minnesota, home of crackpots and one of my sisters(the reason i know of there being crackpot there) so yes, snowflake.

  2. A few points to straighten things out.

    The Committee voted today to send the nomination to the Senate floor.

    Tomorrow, there will be a vote to proceed with Kavanaugh's nomination. McConnell says it has the support of all 51 R Senators (it may also end up with the support of a couple of Demos in tight races).*

    Trump has ordered what amounts to another background check for Kavanaugh to last no more than a week, if that long, and of limited scope. No new allegations can be entertained under Senate rules.

    By then the polling data will be flooding in. Guess who's going to look worse to Mr and Mrs John Q Public?

    *I keep wondering if that vote to proceed to morph into something else in a week or less.

  3. it will last a week any bets on when the next accusation rolls in I am betting Wednesday or Thursday. Anything earlier than that it can be rolled into the current one anything later. Democrats will say we need another week long investigation. Pushing it back again Thanks a lot Senator jeff Flake. I blasted him on twitter yesterday and magically his twitter feed was down . Typical for a FLAKE.

    1. No, it's out of the Senate and in Trump's lap, so a week is it. Also, it looks like Senate rules prohibit allegations made after the committee vote won't be considered.

      I'd like Flake - and Murki and the Last of the Weird Sisters from Maine dropped in the Sonora desert without water, map, compass, or GPS, too, but, if anybody can turn this into a positive, it's The Donald.

  4. Judge kavanaugh has been investigated numerous time in the past by the FBI. No allegations of misconduct have ever appeared. Until now, when it's convenient for the Democrat party.



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