Friday, December 8, 2017

Winter Finally Arrives Here In New England....


  1. Arrived here in the mountains of NC yesterday with 7-8 inches of snow. I drove back from Hickory late yesterday afternoon and as expected there were cars off the road, stuck in the middle of the road and even coming up into the Brushy Mountains tractor trailers unable to make the grade. Most people do not know how to drive in it and do not have tires equipped for that much snow. Add to that the fact that there is not enough equipment to clear the roads and there are always challenges getting around even for those of us with 4WD vehicles and good tires. Once I was off the main roads it got easier to travel as I was th eonly vehicle on the road.

  2. Right now I bet Bruce, the Manager at the Pisgah Inn, is wondering if he should crank up the snow cat and bother going to work. The National park Inn is located on the Blue Ridge Pkwy near Mt. Pisgah.


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